Revlon's #CastASpell Spring/Summer 2013 New Products Launch

The week before I left for Miami, I was still attending events and what not. Hectic as ever before any trip, I swear! I didn't get to blog everything I wished to so now I'm catching up!

One of those events includes Revlon's Cast A Spell where we were introduced to a few new products that are being launched this season as we speak! Of course, no event is complete without some good food and drinks! I mean look at that presentation of nail lovelies and cupcakes!

Let's begin with nails, we have some nail art by Leeanne Colley, who is the Official spokesperson for Revlon Nail Enamels, Nail Care and Beauty Tools. Of course, she's also the mastermind behind Tips Nail Bar. These nail art are all inspired by the magical spirits of the event!

Revlon's New Limited Edition Nail Polishes - Chroma Chameleon

Unfortunately, that day I bought my small camera (Canon S90) instead of the big bad boy out, so the pictures are not as pretty as I had hoped. 

Available Shades: Amethyst, Aquamarine, Cobalt, Gold, Pink Quartz, Rose Gold, Topaz and Tanzanite
In stores: April 2013

Personally, I'm not a chrome/metallic nail polish junkie, are you? If you are, don't let these slip!

Revlon New PhotoReady SkinLights

I was matched by Jackie for the shade Pink Light. Let's begin by saying, I used the Godmother (see my instagram pic) of this product. Back in high school, this was my absolute favourite. Of course, years later, they have made the product much better and versatile. 

Available Shades: Bare Light, Bronze Light, Peach Light, Pink Light
In Stores: June 2013
Price: $16.95

Revlon New Super Lustrous Lipstick
There are 12 new high shine shades added to the popular Lustrous Lipstick!

Available Shades: Berry Couture, Foxy Lady, Fuchsia Shock, Honey Bare, Kissable Pink, Lovers Coral, Pink Cloud, Pink Cognito, Pink sizzle, Plum Velour, Rich Girl Red, Terra Copper
In Stores: June 2013
Price: $9.50

Revlon New Super Lustrous Lipgloss
Just as new shades are added to the lipsticks, their lip glosses got some fun too!
Revlon came out with an updated formula which is made up of moisturizing complex of Vitamin E and Avocado Oil along with a new packaging! The lipglosses promises to have a new silky, non sticky feel and gives hydration to our lips!

Available Shades: Berry Allure, Fatal Apple, Fuchsia Finery, Kiss Me Coral, Pango Peach, Pink Pop, Pinkissimo, Raisin Rage, Rosy Future, Snow Pink, Sugar Violet, Super Natural
In Stores: June 2013
Price: $9.50

Revlon New Lash Potion Mascara
This mysterious mascara was launched this week! We were told by Revlon PR not to release any information on it until April 15! It promises to give Volume, Length and as a bonus - nourishes our lashes! The most interesting thing to me is actually their "Illusionist Wand" - you'll see what I mean when I review it!

Available Shades: Blackest Black. Black, Blackened Brown
In Stores: May 2013
Price: $9.95

I currently don't have too much info on this but I will come back to it. :)

This is the drinks menu at the event.
All drinks are inspiried by the Revlon Magical Event and their lovely products! 

The Moon Candy Mojitos was so delicious. I think I can speak for everyone that this was their fave too! It's strong yet you don't taste it ♥♥♥♥ It's officially my favourite drink (even before the Bloody Ceasar ♥)  

This is my face for yummy food :)

My tarot card reading was a 50% correct, anyway any tarot fans here?

These are the goodies from the event! I'm bring all the nail tools to my work trip! It came at just the best time! I started swatching all the nail colours too! Sadly the Skinlights is not my match at all *sigh

That's all for now, what's your all-time fave product from Revlon? Let me know! ^__^ Thanks for reading!