REVIEW + GIVEAWAY: SoftSoap Body Wash

Hey Sparklies!!

Oh my gosh, I feel like I've been holding this secret for wayyy too long! 
I can finally get it out in the OPEN!!

Recently I posted on my Facebook about how I received a really big box of stuff!!
I kept it as a secret and mentioned how the huge box will also be given out to Sparkly Playground's readers!!!


I was given...

A basket of Softsoap Body Wash - 9 bottles!!!

It has been estimated that 1 bottle (500ml) of body wash can yield about 60 washes!
So the above basket is probably going to last a family of 3-4 a year!

Since I like using a loofah when I shower, this basket is probably going to last me 2 years!
Quite amazing isn't it?!

Did you know?

 Queen Isabella of Spain, who funded the voyage of Christopher Columbus, was proud of the fact she had taken only two showers in her lifetime?!?!


 Too bad Softsoap wasn't created back then, otherwise she would know that SoftSoap* skin is in™!!

Did you know?

Apparently, back in the days, people don't shower often and it's a norm! I found out that in a love letter Napoleon wrote to Josephine (his wife), "I'll be home in a week - don't bathe till I get there."

I wonder how romantic/seductive this was supposed to be.
Love letters does sound romantic don't you think?

This is my attempt to look like Josephine.. google her images.
I seriously tried my best with the hair! I only had a blonde wig around HAHAHA.

ps, I find the Black Orchid & Velvet Hibiscus such a sexy scent *wink wink*

 SoftSoap* skin is in™and there are 2 unique lines of Body Wash:
Fragrance and Body Butter collection 

Fragrance Collection is an intense fruity and floral scents turn ordinary showers into joyful celebrations. Softsoaps indulgently rich formulas deliver waves of moisture right down to your toes

Fruity Flavours:
Juicy Pomegranate & Mango Infusions
Citrus Splash & Berry Fusion
Sweet Honeysuckle & Orange Peel

My favourite here is the Pomegranate, it's so delicious! yum yum!!

Floral Flavours:
Black Orchid & Velvet Hibiscus
Creamy Milk Protein & Honey (not exactly floral but it's from plants and bees haha)

Body Butter Collection - Sinfully rich and delightfully creamy. Thick, sweet-smelling formulas designed to revive and delight with naturally-inspired fragrances 

Strawberry Scrub Exfoliant
Coconut Scrub Exfoliant
Shea Butter
Heavenly Vanilla

Hot showers in the winter times makes our skin super duper dry!! (yet, I still do it)
During steamy, hot showers makes us feel very relaxed and our circulation is amazing, but I know the water in our skin is lost doing so. Thank goodness body wash nowadays are not drying like bar soaps!

I find that the Body Butter Collection is seriously incredible especially because I have hot shower habits. I usually FLAKE, yes flake off dry skin within 20 minutes if I don't apply lotions showers. After showering with this collection, I see a light sheen on my skin (telling me that it's nicely hydrated). I never knew a body wash can do this much for moisturizing! Very very impressed by it. In terms of scent, I prefer coconut the best - reminds me of the nice vacation weathers :)

So go ahead, give your skin the moisture it deserves.. :)

Here's the giveaway I've been raving about. 
You can enter to win the exact basket of soaps I received! It will be sent out directly by Softsoap!

a Rafflecopter giveaway (refresh if it doesn't load - been getting feedback it doesn't load very well)

Let me know what you think of the post!!
I can't believe I put so much time into it but it was a lot of fun from planning, photo shooting, post-productiong, etc!! :)
Thanks always for reading and Good Luck with the giveaway!