HAUL: Ela Handbags & Sample Sale

Recently Ela Handbags had a sample sale! The sale was opened to public and it was packed as ever!!
I've been eyeing this brand for a while as many celebs has been wearing their M.I.L.C.K Clutch and Editor's Pouch. 
Sorry I didn't tell you guys (the sale is really new to me, didn't want to recommend anything not good), next time I find out about the sale, I'll be sure to tweet about it :)

Ela Handbags
Just thought I'll write a little bit of info on the brand and designer as it isn't like the popular LV and Chanel. Ela Kowalewska is the designer behind ela, a Swedish/Canadian accessories brand founded by both Ela herself and husband, Martin Aldorsson. I stalked their Facebook page to find out their accessories has became celebs' fave arm candy; many magazine editors and blogger love their pouches and clutches too! Not only did I stalk FB, I love love love reading their blog because it shows how their bags are made, inspirations and all these behind the scenes in their workshop where the bags are born. It's pretty cool and worth a read!

All ela bags and leather goods are crafted in Spain using premium leather and hardware.

I was texting with Emily and Rica about it since we are such desperate shopping buddies haha :) 
Rica and I decided to go together however I had to flop last minute. Sorry!
It's so sad that I didn't make it to their sale myself otherwise I could've met Ela and Martin! *cries*
So... super big thanks to Rica for helping me buy my #1 wish list item and sharing photos with me! 

Photo Credit: Rica and I just made a collage out of it :)

Rica told me told me the sale was super crowded straight from the beginning and bags were being sold out right away! I made a wish list to rica and even estimated the prices, kinda cool how my guesses for the sale price were actually pretty on the spot! 

Rica helped me buy the Ela Lardy in Red Stud (thanks, love), I fell in love with this bag because of Ela's blog! 
I noticed I always buy the non-bandwagon bags. The Editor's Pouch and MILCK Clutch are the designer's bestselling item. Honestly, they're like staple items. I'm actually starting to regret not picking one up, but then how to choose which colour? They have all the colours of the rainbow!!

Ela Lardy in Red Stud

Ela Lardy in Red Stud

Ela Lardy in Red Stud

Here's my Ela Lardy in Red Stud! In my eyes she's such a beauty!! 
It's super roomy so it's perfect for me, I always carry a ton of things! 
I believe this bag retails for around $780 CAD and I got it for just $200! This was SUCH a steal! 

Anyway, have you heard of the brand? What do you think of my haul??
As always, thanks for reading!! xoxo