Clarins Body Lift Cellulite Smooth Launch Event at Spa My Blend! #ClarinsInShape

During the 2nd Day of the hectic Toronto Fashion Week, I was invited to the Clarins #ClarinsInShape Event at Spa My Blend by Clarins (5th floor) at The Ritz-Carlton, Toronto. I bought Rica with me since we were both doing coverage for TFW that day. It wasn't my first time checking out Ritz-Carlton Hotel in Toronto but it was definitely my first time inside Spa My Blend. 

My Name Tag :)

When I arrived, I was greeted genuinely by staff as well as the event PR. 
I picked up my name tag and took a mini tour of the spa. 

Inside the Spa, there are 3 Relaxation Lounges (Men’s, Women’s and Co-ed Sun Room)
 as well as Steam, Sauna, Green Tea Infused Vitality Pools 

Pink Budda! This is so cute!! I need to get one for my future home!!

After the mini tour (it was like 3 minutes so I was only able to snap 2 pictures), I was led to the Urban Sanctuary where other bloggers were hanging out waiting for the presentation to begin. Most of us were catching up and mingling with others! It was so nice to see familiar faces like AndeJennLisamarieSandraDee - just to name a few.   

I received my passport so I can test out the different stations but I heard the presentation was about to begin so I didn't want to miss out! (ended up not testing it out *cries*)

There were yummy h'orderves and speciality drinks such as Fashionistas
Just when the presentation was starting, we had a few speakers do introductions and began watching the video to learn more about cellulite and the new product....

okay, and after I snapped a picture of my face on the screen (it's their live twitter feed)

...hmm remember when I mentioned someone fainted on Day 2
Yea, this is the moment when a fellow blogger fainted.  It was pretty scary because I literally felt someone punch me from the back and next thing I saw was a girl (trying to remain anon here) fall down and stayed down. I didn't really know how to react - I literally met her the night before while working backstage at TFW! 

That generally marked the end of the event for me. 
The EMS came and she was alright after. The night of she DMed me too, so I was relieved!

I must say, the ladies who hosted the event took care of the situation beautifully, and the staff was very professional in handing the matter at hand. 

Our conclusion is fashion week can do wonders - no kidding! 

Unfortunately, Sparklies, I can't talk more about cellulite or the Spa itself since I really don't have that much information after that point. I feel like a horrible blogger as I type this blog post because I don't think I learned much from the event. However, I wanted to write the most honest recap of the day.. instead of "oh this event is (great thing #1, great thing #2, great thing #3 and we got goodie bag!)

I did get some information on the product with their handy USB :) If anything, I'll probably do a really in depth research on it and do a beauty lesson as a post :)