REVIEW: Clarins Palette Eclat Face & Blush Powder

Clarins Palette Eclat Face & Blush Powder

What is this Product? (What it claims) 
A limited edition face and blush powder of three fresh shades that can be blended together for a smoother, more even and natural complexion.

Spring 2013 Make Up Collection - Rouge Eclat.

Revives the natural radiance of the face to five a healthy-glow effect
Unifies and smoothes the complexion
Radiance, hydration, anti-pollution

Clarins Palette Eclat Face & Blush Powder

Directions of Use 
I like to use a smaller blush brush if I want to use the pink/coral shades of the palette if I want a cute flush for my cheeks. (Japanese style looks)
If I want to achieve a more overall natural look (to look healthy for a work day), I will use a larger blush to blend the colours altogether.

Main Ingredients 

The suggested retail price is $40 CAD/ $35 USD, available at all Clarins or online.
0.3 oz / 10 g

The powder is packaged in a red Clarin box with a red velvet pouch. Out of the red velvet pouch, I see a light gold, mirror-like reflective compact. It has a compact-sized mirror inside. The powder itself has a light fragrance, not noticeable once applied. I instagramed how much I loved the embossed design, feels like I'm vandalizing it by swatching and using it! Honestly, it's so luxurious.. *drools* although I need to repeatedly remove my fingerprints to keep it looking mint.

Clarins Palette Eclat Face & Blush Powder

After swatching it, I noticed that the pink and peach blocks actually runs through the powder not just an overspray. It is extremely pigmented and soft. With a smaller brush, you can use the pink and peach blocks separately for a blush; the base powder as a light bronzer. With a large face brush, you can mix all the colours together for an overall complexion powder. For those who wishes to look lightly sun kissed, you can mix all the colours to apply all over your face. For myself, I mixed it to apply to my cheeks and I love how it looks so natural. It's as if it's my natural flush of colour. Although it doesn't have any radiance, I look very healthy with this blush/powder.

Swatches: Only pink and peach bar on the left; mixed it all together on the right

Not only is the colour truly amazing, the quality is astonishing. It was very easy to blend onto my skin and it lasted all day, I didn't need to have touch ups at all!  I can see this as my go to blush for this summer! =)

Me wearing the Clarins Palette Eclat Face & Blush Powder

Overall: ♥♥♥♥♥ 
Product: 5/5 ♥
Packaging: 5/5 ♥
Price: 5/5 ♥