Pink Tartan Fall 2013 & Backstage Beauty

Beautiful retro outfits, matching tops and bottoms, one piece, beautifully dyed fur... 
I love them so much!

I wasn't schedule for the Pink Tartan Backstage Beauty, so I only managed to snap a few pictures.
I noticed very strong brows and minimalism for the rest of the face. The hair was a mystery all the way until the actual runway. 

ps, this model is incredibly stunning???? How blessed!!!

You know when you anticipate something and it totally goes the wrong way? Well that's exactly what happened for me in this show. All the buzz about the hair was overrated and I had such crazy high hopes to only find myself extremely disappointed.

I can understand why blonde wigs may be used on certain models to portray the look back in the 50's. However, this does not suit models of other colours! It looks extremely silly for example to see an Asian girl with this ridiculous blonde wig!

Not only that, however the wig looks very cheap and of low quality. It seemed to also give off this baldy hairline. If you really wanna know where to buy wigs, just let me know seriously. I have amazing wigs that I get for less than $15 each - people thought it was my real hair 90% of the time!

Really sad to see a near flawless show with a hairy situation.