Photo Diary Day 2 Toronto Fashion Week Fall 2013

you know.. they say a photo is worth a thousand words... ;)

Let's just say, I asked for a high ponytail with volume to look taller.
But, I got a soft sweet girl low ponytail with curls.

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went to see David Dixon Fall 2013 with Rica beside me in a heated conversation on the phone
so I resolved to camwhoring alone hahaha

David Dixon show about to start! 

Original photo from Rica's IG (eeenricaaa), then reposted on mine

after David Dixon, skipped over to Ritz Carlton for Clarins' Event!
This test tube has soup in it - told you it was healthier than you think!

rushed back from Clarins' event and got to get some touch up by Redken Backstage. 
delighted to get my hairdo fixed - it's not so bad before - but I want I get okay?! just kidding.
Rica and I are living up the VIP status YA YA YA YA :)

This is all I wanted, really simple stuff. Look how happy I was! 

Rica's hair was GORGEOUS! I honestly don't recall Rica ever having hairdos at all to be honest!
So seeing this was definitely something different!

Time to enjoy the Line Knitwear show and Sid Neigum show.

In between shows, we hung out at the Reserve Lounge. 
It's quite exclusive, many designers and directors of sponsors are here to mingle.

After the shows, we went backstage to chat with Katie and Grace Lee. 
Learned about another new product coming out by Maybelline! 
This mascara Grace is holding was the only one in Canada!

Happy group pic of course!
Katie, Rica, Me and Grace

I almost feel like this is the tiring-est day of Fashion Week this year but the adrenaline kept me moving non-stop! There were other events which I didn't catch in pictures: someone fainting during an event + bloody (literally) camera man got hit by another camera - just to illustrate what a cray cray day it was!
More to come! Stayed tuned! :)

Special thanks to Maybelline Canada for giving us an awesome VIP treatment and Rica for lending some of your photos to me :)