My Ultimate Favourite Pastel Oversized Blazer

Hi Sparklies!

Toronto Fashion Week is happening right now and I'm covering backstage looks and some fashion shows through out the week! It's actually the 2nd night right now and I'm already VERY exhausted. I live really really far from the actual event so commuting everyday is really taking a toll on me! 

I'm wearing my oversized blazer for the first time!! 
I felt like I was in my comfy shield... like a superhero! 

Thanks to Angie for styling for me, I invited her over to my house to rework & create new outfits for me. I love it when that happens, she pulled outfits I otherwise wouldn't have imagined :) Angie has a background in fashion and a designer - extremely talented so I was so thrilled to have her over! Don't you love going through your friends' closets and just piecing things together?? It was awesome!

Seemed like many people liked my blazer at Toronto Fashion Week too! Many people were asking about it. Too bad the weather really isn't as good, or should I say suitable for this look. We had strong winds, freezing rain and snow, -10 degrees Celsius ... Just Bizarre! 

At the end of the night, my sweet bf saved me from commuting back so he came by the venue to pick me up. Decided to just grab some food before we headed home and found a fake marketplace inside the supermarket. It had a fake tree, cute paintings of storefronts, tables and it was like the perfect setting for my outfit. HAHA! So we took a picture right away! :)


Brooks Brother Oversized Blazer
H&M Sequined Knit
Garage Jeans
Aldo Flicker in Bone
Toy Watch 
Earrings Vintage
Bangle from HK