Forever 21 Sale Haul

I love love love it when Forever 21 has crazy final sales. I usually group buy with friends so we can easily meet the free shipping minimum amount :) My entire haul was just about $35 hehe :) 

One thing I was VERY disappointed was the floral pants. I can't believe that they would screw up the cutting in such a stupid way - I CAN'T EVEN PULL THEM UP! The pants wouldn't allow me to pull my feet through - the ankle area is stuck!. It's literally impossible and I can't fix it myself because there isn't enough fabric for me to open it up. My friend who studied fashon said that when she was learning about the rules of design, there's a minimum diameter for the ankle area so any average women can slip their ankles through. It's unbelievable that Forever 21 can screw up on that.

And just in case anyone goes saying, "it's only $7 for pants. what do you expect?"
Well, I feel that these pants are only worth $7 to me. 
From the choice of fabric, stitching, and design - OH THE DESIGN! 
For $7 pants and I can't even wear them - they are worth nothing.

My friend said I can either change them into capris or shorts. 
I'm utterly disappointed - I was looking forward to them the most! :(