Caryl Baker Visage Spring Awakening 2013 & Giveaway!

Spring is in the air!

Caryl Baker Visage just launched their spring collection - Spring Awakening 2013

The collection includes:
9 Eyeshadows: Peachy, Dewy, Sunshine, Barefoot, Cool, Fresh, Drizzle, Breezy, In the Buff
3 Blushes: Simply Spring, Spring Awakening, Spring Fever
6 Lipsticks: Honey-Do, Playful, Spunky, Bloom'n, Sweet Treat, Kiss Me
5 Lip Pencils: Silk, Sweet, Maple, Antique Rose, Misty brown

Opening the Package & Info on Giveaway after the jump!

Peachy Eyeshadow
Dewy Eyeshadow
Spring Fever Blush
Bloom'n Lipstick
Misty Brown Lip Pencil
... and CHOCOLATES!!


I wanted to share this package with my readers of SparklyPlayground!  Just wanted to spread some Canadian pride with you as this brand was created in Toronto and it is slowly making its way to the rest of Canada. I wanted to share these goodies with those from Canada and the US to try!! :)

I'm going to make this giveaway super simple - all on Twitter! 
All you need to do is:

1) Follow my Twitter (01b0o)

2) Follow Caryl Baker Visage's Twitter (CBVisage)

3) Tweet: "@01b0o is having a @CBVisage Spring Giveaway and __________"
You can say whatever you want in the tweet!

I will be announcing the winner on April 14th, 2013 via twitter then update this blog post.
Good Luck!!