Beauty Panel #3: Day to Night Look

Super super awesome!! My face got on the title page of the article! I feel amazing!!!!!!
Just feeling really blessed with everything right now :)

To be honest, doing this article was extremely tiring for me because I started creating my looks, laying out my products and taking photos after Day 1 of Fashion Week. I came home at like 11pm and I finished all my work for this post at like 3am. I dropped dead right after that and submitted my work the next morning. I hardly proofread my writing part so.... sigh, I sound ridiculous. I believe FASHION Magazine staff definitely edited for me. hahaha. 

Okay, quite embarassed about what I wrote, I feel like it hardly made sense and it's super run on. Maybe I'm my own worse critic again! ANYWAYS, here's my inspiration for the night look: 
Chanel Spring/Summer 2013 runway photos here, here and here.  I feel that it's empowering and brings out the capable woman within us. Time to rule the streets *gangster* just kidding! 

This look makes my eyes SO MUCH BIGGER, I didn't even photoshop them! 

That's all, I hope you liked my looks :)