#ILoveEssence 2013 Launch Event in Toronto

essence retail display 2013

Wow, I can't believe it's already been a year since essence launched in Canada. I still remember playing on their swing at last year's event

This event was to celebrate essence's successful first year in Canada and their 2013 new products. Just in case you're unfamiliar with the brand, they are sold exclusively at Shoppers Drug Mart and a hit for their affordable prices. The brand is from Europe! 

This year, the event was held at ARD Showroom, a much larger space to accommodate more people and fun stations! There were cute decors everywhere, you shall see more in this post!

There was an open bar for some wine, bubblies, and pop!~ 
More foodies come around here and there, super cute and girly - it was just filled with happiness!
This event is soooo me!!!!

essence balloon heart

Isn't this the cutest?!?! 
I wonder where they got this, I would love to have something like this at my future wedding!

Always nice to see fellow beauty bloggers! Ande, Jill, Naomi and yours truly!

There are tons of new colours being added and also new products out in stores! 
I will be reviewing them really soon. 
I've been swatching and painting my face with everything to test it out since I got back! #mylife

Ps, I post my FOTD on my next post!
My lashes were such a hit at the event, every person I bumped into started talking about them! 

essence came out with tons of nail art stuff! It's perfect for nail art junkies like myself!
I have a few products from their new launch to try out! 

Everyone yaking away! There was also a lip reading lady which tells your fortune! 
It's pretty awesome but it seems like she was so busy the entire night so I didn't get my chance for a little chat! 

I also got to reconnect with Howard from essence and met Humphrey who just joined the company!

New Launches:
I will be doing most reviews on the products I have which are noted with a star (*) so I won't go into too much details here

*3D duo eyeshadows (used wet/dry) $3.49 CAD
*mono eye shadow (2 new shades) $2.49 CAD
*nightclub glamour to go palette (2 colour palettes in total) $4.49 CAD
*kajal pencil (1 new shade - purple shade, 8 colours in total) $1.49 CAD
i love punk jumbo eyeliner pen $2.99 CAD
i love extreme crazy volume mascara $4.99 CAD
*STAYS no matter what 24h waterproof volume mascara $4.99 CAD
*STAYS no matter what 24h waterproof eyeliner pen $3.29 CAD
STAYS no matter what waterproof eye pencil $1.99 CAD
*stay with me long-lasting lipgloss (1 new shade - raspberry shade, 6 colours in total) $2.99 CAD
*XXXL shine lipgloss (new subtle colours, 12 colours in total) $2.49 CAD
*kiss care love lipbalm (4 colours in total) $1.99 CAD
match2cover! cream concealer (available in light and medium beige) $3.49 CAD
*all about matt! fixing compact powder (1 colour - transparent) $3.99 CAD
*nude glam nail polishes (2 new soft and translucent nude shades) $1.99 CAD
gel-look top coat $2.49 CAD
*nail art stampy set $3.99 CAD
*french glam nail sticker $0.99 CAD
*nail art decoration kit $2.49 CAD

During the event, there were products everywhere for you to pick up to take home. 
It was like an essence buffet, we were even provided bags to ease the process this time around!!! 
Faulbaher PRs were restocking every minute and items were just being taken every second! 
Since they host events once a year, it makes sense for beauty bloggers to grab enough to review for the rest of the year HA~

Here is my share of the essence buffet:

Since you guys love reviews and GIVEAWAYS, I surely will not disappoint! 
I already gathered the giveaway items, I hope you guys like it!! 
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Thanks for reading and always supporting me! Love you!
Special thanks to faulhaber for inviting me =)