HOLIKA HOLIKA CANADA: Great, You've Ticked Me Off Too!

It's been a long long time since I've written a rant or anything too negative in nature because I want SparklyPlayground to remain as a happy land for all. Well, here's another one to add to that pile. As some of you know about Emily's post about Holika Holika Canada's ridiculous-ness here and here, I'm here to tell you more.   My side of the story is a little different from Emily's situation, however, you can be the judge to how disrespectful this is getting! 

So the story starts like this, back in August/September 2012, I visited Pacific Mall and noticed they had opened a Holika Holika Canada branch.  The beauty blogger in me kicks in and goes into the store.  Later, I met Karen who's the Authorized Dealer/Owner/PR Handler of the store.  When I first met with her, there was mutual interest in me blogging about her store. I thought it's cool to let my readers know about the store as I know you guys are super interested in Asian beauty products! On the other hand, Karen mentioned how she were interested in working with me and that she values bloggers and social media because she knows that it can make/break her business.  

I believe in any working/business opportunity or relationship, 

it should consist of trust and respect

Excited about how cool this is going to be (I thought at the time), I passed her contact info to Emily as well so maybe we can both try/test things out!   So soon enough, Karen contacts me and asks for information. Few emails back and forth, things were still positive and she still expressed the same interest. After I've sent her my Sponsorship/Adverts details, there was no response from her anymore. This was in October.

Holika Holika Canada Strike 1:

Karen ignored both my email regarding to my blog's packages (requested by her) and my follow up email. No updates, no contact whatsoever. Both emails were dated on October 25 and 31, 2012. The time line is that, Emily received her goodies (baddies) already. I was lost in the dark wonder what had gone wrong. Is it because I reply late, did she think my blog is not good enough etc etc. I mean, all this time she was interested and yet it just all stopped!  Considering I've actually face to face met Karen and we've had conversations, I truly did not expect to be ignored like this.

At this point, Karen has broken the trust in this working relationship. 

As a blogger, I can understand when companies decides to choose to work with another blogger over another due to their evaluations of the marketing potentials. This happens all the time and we don't go yelling at companies about fairness or bashing other bloggers.  (Well, if you do then you're small)

So that's fine, I shook it off, many poor PRs and companies are pretty bad with responding so I just let it go and forget about it. 

Holika Holika Canada Strike 1.5:

Emily's incident.
It's strike 1.5 because I don't think this incident hit me that hard because I wasn't getting bad treatment in this case. However the 2 incidents with Emily demonstrated to me that Karen has no respect with bloggers.

She devalues our influence and makes no effort in correcting her mistakes. I'm in full support of Blogger Rights and I'm definitely not happy with how this is going. I retweeted and shared on my Facebook but I never blogged because after all, this is not my story to tell!

Holika Holika Canada Strike 2:

This is where it SLAPS me across my face.

Trust me, I usually flip out hardcore by myself then calm down and articulate exactly what's going on before I blog. Today was different, I was pretty calm throughout and even Emily was like "You're very forgiving today". I truly thought of every benefit of the doubt for Karen to  respond in such a way. I felt like I was even making excuses for her!

Finally, my head goes back onto my neck and I return from "Too Happy Land"

There is absolutely no excuse for her email to me.

1) So apparently, her method of covering bad publicity is to get a good one out --- USING ME.

2) Joyce is only remembered when..
"Oh shit, I pissed off the blogger number 1, oh yea there's still......her"
I'm no one's sloppy second!

3) Oh, by the way, she just happens to find my previous emails now! *SURPRISE*
and can CLEARLY mention WHICH PACKAGE she prefers --- the free one of course

4) Just to make sure Karen makes herself clear, in her 2nd email, she also inserts "free products to you".
Why the emphasis? Because, when it's free, we bloggers don't say no??

This is my response to her:

I originally thought I should reason it out for her in the email because poor thing probably has no clue what she has done. Then I realized, okay, come on!! There's just no way that one can be so insensitive!! I'm not going to teach her how to make this better by wasting my time to explain how disrespectful she has been to me.

Engaging Bloggers are influential. 
Bloggers needs to be respected, 
have dignity and recognize self-worth. 

So if you're a blogger and got in touch with Karen or any other company who treats you this way. Remember your worth and your promise to your readers to honour the truth! Don't be greedy just so you can have free stuff or a few extra bucks! Remember what blogging is about!!

Let me know what you think! What would you do in my situation?

UPDATE (FEB 2) Holika Holika Canada Strike 3:

Holika Holika Canada / Karen responded. 
Well, not really.

Huh? What? Hehhhh?

Check this out:

Screenshot of the screenshot I took when Karen responded on My Facebook Page, just to demonstrate the time she responded.

It was lunchtime for me so I went to make food, take some time to digest this response. 
I also thought maybe she might reply my email in a bit?  Ps, there was NO EMAIL BACK TO ME AGAIN *Surprise surprise*

There's just something not right with this FB Status response. 
Okay, the obvious is that, the spelling and grammar is ridiculous.

1) I replied Karen in an email (see above), I would expect an email back. 

What is this FB STATUS RESPONSE?!?!?!?! 

At this point, she has already read my blog I suppose and should be able to conceive the reasons why I felt disrespected and disgusted by the entire situation.     Karen, I do not feel any sincerity from your FB status response. The least you should be doing is to write me a personal email to address the issue.     I wrote clearly in my email to her that I wanted corrective action, readers, please tell me how you would feel about this! 

2) "We do not mean anythings or unrespect to the others."
This is telling me that Karen's idea of respect to others is to IGNORE them, ONLY CONTACT and ASK DIRECTLY for favours when SHE NEEDS HELP (in other words, using people). 

Oh, let's not forget how she neglected me for Emily (when I referred Emily to her), and THEN when things don't go right, SHE COMES BACK TO ME.

If you take into consideration of Emily's incident, then apparently giving GARBAGE to bloggers to review is okay to Karen too. 

Karen, you're one messed up person professionally and interpersonally.

3) "IF there any unrespect feeling towrad you or any other, we are sincerly sorry."
Wow, I really struggled even typing the above sentence out. 

So since Karen thinks that her actions were meant to be respectful, therefore if I've felt disrespected, it's my problem and that she feels "sincerly sorry". 

This is telling me: "Joyce, I'm sorry you're feeling this way, you sensitive freak"

No Karen, I don't find your response sincere AT ALL. You are not at all taking responsibility of the mess YOU SINGLE-HANDEDLY created. You blame your fellow staff. There are no signs of remorse and regret from your actions and words!

Guess What?!
I didn't get to reply Karen's FB Status Response! 

This was a screenshot from today right now at 4:15 PM

And I was tripping out because in my FB Page Admin Panel, it still shows her response:

See how Jack Chung's response time is the same at 14 hours ago? 
And yet, the Holika Holika Canada response is missing!

4) Sarcasm at my fullest force: 

How SNEAKY can you get?!

5) Holika Holika Canada customers, BE AWARE! 

I know Karen has a habit of deleting things.
 I know this because whenever negative things are posted on Holika Holika Canada FB Page, they DISAPPEAR!

Reputable companies graciously accepts negative feedback
finds innovative methods to enhance their products/ customer service.

So, the only things you see on their FB page are positive things. It's almost like being scammed. I know many reputable brands have Facebook and trust me, their customers rants about poor customer service or products they don't find useful. These companies and PR take proactive measures to handle this. They don't delete or hide it. 

I can understand if the customer goes out of hand and just bitches over nothing. 
However, if they are giving CONSTRUCTIVE CRITICISM, it should not be taken lightly.

This is just outright disgusting. 

At this point, 
Holika Holika Canada is a 
SNEAKY, SLY, 小家 (don't know that in English) and DISHONEST 

Think twice if you plan on purchasing from Holika Holika Canada.