HAUL: MAC Archie's Girls Collection

Hi Sparklies!

HAUL: MAC Archie's Girls Collection

Sorry for the lateness of this post! Got carried away since attending the MAC Archie's Girls Collection launch party

HAUL: MAC Archie's Girls Collection

My haul is small compared to many out there. 
Personaly I really like this collection because I simply love the colours. They are super wearable and great for everyday looks! 

I think I'm a lippies kind of girl, but then this changes from time to time. haha! Sadly though, from my make up collection, it does seem like I'm a big time lippy hoarder! =(

1. MAC Girl Next Door Lipstick
2. MAC Daddy’s Little Girl Lipstick (gifted to my best friend)
3. MAC Stay Sweet Lipglass (gifted to my best friend)
4. MAC Summer Sweet Heart Lipglass

The heart in the middle was a gift! It's a tin container with cinnamon heart mints! 
We got to choose a pin vs mints - obviously I chose mints because I can keep the container for other stuff =) 

Canadian prices tends to be higher than the US, all items at $20 CAD plus tax.

Did you purchase anything from the collection??