Happy Snake Year 2013

Hi Sparklies!

Happy Chinese New Year! 

I can't believe I didn't post any CNY stuff last year when it's the Year of the Dragon - MY YEAR!!  
In our tradition, there's something called Bad Luck Year when it's your Zodiac Year. 
I felt that I certainly had some of that bad luck last year. 

According to all those Chinese Zodiac Fortune Tellers, I'm supposed to have an AWESOME year in the Year of the Snake! WOOHO!

I'll continue to work super hard on my blog and I just want to thank all of you for always reading and supporting me :) This is going to be a photo blog on how I spent my Chinese New Year. I had a family gathering at a restaurant around Pacific Mall. Just some pictures of the festive deocrations. PS, my make up was actually from a look I did before I headed out. Didn't really have time to remove and change it so I just stuck with it. It reminds me of a snake anyways - oh well. I got so many strange stares! *sigh

Super Cute!

How did you spent your Chinese New Year?