Canadian International AutoShow 2013

Hi Sparklies! 

First Floor - 800

It's my first time going to an Autoshow at the Metro Convention Centre, I've never really been to any car shows in general to be honest! Not that I don't like cars, it's just that, this was one of those few occasions I let my bf go have some fun with the boys. I'm NOT a restrictive girlfriend okay?! 

This is going to be part 1 of the event since there are many pictures to go through and I want to post this when there's still time for you to go =). I will post the remainder throughout the month. (Lots of photos coming up!)

The main floor (800) is extremely filled with people! I cannot stand still anywhere because they're just people moving around, taking pictures everywhere! Next year I'm going to see if I can apply for a Media Pass, I almost tripped on a toddler! (Me and my shoes)

Here's the first photo I took at the event, this car got me so excited for the show!

Here's my 17 year old boyfriend....
honestly, for those who don't know him, can NEVER guess his age.

Audi R8 - one of his many dream cars

Since we have an Audi, we had access to their Audi Lounge:

The lounge was nice, they had light refreshments and I can take a break from claustrophobia. *phew*
ps, the girls working there commented on how they loved my shoes =)

Then we went by Mercedes has always been a classic brand for my parents generation but I noticed they are definitely doing more younger branding initiatives.  I think my business degree makes me analysis marketing stuff all the time, everywhere I go haha.

This was so cute!! I saw a parent stuff their kid in it, I managed to take a picture! So cute! 

Bling bling smart car!! My bf said with my driving skills, this car is perfect for me. lol......

This concept car is so adorable and futuristic!!

Chevrolet has this interactive booth where you have to use your twitter account to tweet, follow, turn on location and hashtag to get a free hot wheels toy for their Camaro model! 

Super cute idea and my boyfriend has another mini model to add to his collection.
I felt so bad for the staff there though, they had so many people yell at them about Twitter etc etc. 

Here is my sad face because I lined up for super long at the KIA kiosk for a chance to win instant prize and enter for a trip to NYC. Obviously my luck leads me to lose! hah! 

I love looking at designs!! KIA had a Design Inspiration section. 
Pretty cool how they used these patterns and wrapped the car with it! I love this one the best! =) 

Finally we're here at the BMW booth where my bf was happy to see the M6.
Personally, I really love the M series as well. Bf used to have an M3 and I must say, it's FREAKING FAST.
I'm surprised we didn't get that many speeding tickets....... O___O

That being said, it might be a while until we get another M series. lol!!
Did you know my dream car is the X6M? Preferably in white and with black rims.

Here we see the BMW i8 Concept! It's quite different from the Efficient Dynamics car.
Both are superb! I love BMW! 

This pretty much wraps up the highlights from the main floor! 
I will be posting photos on my Facebook Page! Be sure to check it out! 

All the freebies from the show! =)

Have you been to the Autoshow in Toronto too? 
Please let me know below!