January 2013 Favourites

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COSMED Facial Puffs (Cotton Pads)
These are my favourite type of cotton pads. It's not really cotton? not sure how to describe it properly. It features 100% air-laid, non-woven fabrics that leaves no lint on skin. I like that they are super soft and highly absorbent. I use them strictly for my face and not nails. 

COSMED Facial Puffs (Cotton Pads)

Here's my journey with cotton pads (if you're interested): I usually buy cotton pads from Shiseido or Mannings HK because they are very soft but Shiseido is getting pricy for me and I can't buy Mannings here. So I started buying Dollarama cotton pads but it's too harsh, but it does a good job at exfoliating so I thought that's suitable for my nails only. 

Anyway, if you're interested in these, you can find them at TNT Supermarkets for $2.99 - $4.99 depending if there's a promotion :) Origins from Taiwan. 


I continue to love this product! I reviewed it here in this post and I mentioned how it does wonder to my puffiness :) I'm about 2/3 done the jar so I might finish this product soon =) 

Dolce & Gabbana Light Blue

I purchased this from Lisa's Cosmetics Sale here. Originally about 5 years ago, a good friend of mine gifted this to me. the stupid me thought it was for homme and passed it to my sister who's a fan to brand names anything. Then, that's when I'm like FML because I started liking it again. Anyway, I'm happy I bought it back! mwahhaa! I always get great feedback wearing it out =))
As I mentioned it in my haul post, mine is a tester/demonstration one, on the back it describes the notes of the fragrance! Pretty cool considering I am TERRIBLE at describing scents! 

L'oreal Paris Telescopic Shocking Extensions Mascara in Blackest Black
During the month, I invited about 15 girls over to hang out and do make overs. This mascara was extremely impressive to many of them because it REALLY STRENGTHENED! As long as you curl your lashes really nice, you can see your lashes just grows soo freaking long before your eyes! I love using it on my bottom lashes, mwahha! Let me know if anyone is interested in a more detailed review! 

Rohto Lycée Eye Wash Cleanse and Refresh Lotion
I bought it back in this a haul so long ago that I wonder if I even posted it out! Anyway, I don't use it as frequent as I should but this is my fave for a really long time now! Top 2 reasons why I use this is 1) I use cleansing oil to remove make up and when I don't clean it off too well, the remains blurs my vision. 2) When you have leftover eyeshadow bits or pigments in your eyes! This is just a few things that this lotion does - to clean it all out. And often times, I do see particles of shimmer that gets cleaned out before me!! Amazing isn't?  I love this product so much! I might do a detail review of this product soon!

SILK PRO GreenLine Eyeliner/Brow brush

SILK PRO GreenLine Eyeliner/Brow brush

This is my recent love that I never experienced before! I finally started to actively do my brows. I know, crazy right?! Thanks to what my mama gave me, I'm very fortunate to have natural full brows. Not bushy or anything, as long as I don't mess up the plucking part, I'm pretty much set. However when I have full make up face on, I started to feel like something's missing so I filled my brows in and WA-LA!! This is the perfect brush for me to handle. LOVE! 

This is my first attempt at MONTHLY SPARKLES
I'm not sure if I will always be consistent with these, but when I do have a bunch of stuff I want to share, those posts will fall into this category =)
What do you guys think? Tried any of the above??