TUTORIAL: How To DIY Crayon Melt Art

Hi Sparklies!

Recently, I got really inspired by my cousin's youtube video so I decided to try it out as well! 
I broke it down in steps and tips in this post, hopefully that would help if you're interested in doing it!

I remember having scraps of crayons around the house I might as well use it up. I'm always trying to reuse stuff as much as I can so I love these types of DIY. I didn't put too much effort in this DIY because it was more a tester for me. I might do a spin-off version of this for Valentine's Day. No promises since I don't know how much time I'll have to do it! 

ps, my boyfriend seemed to enjoy helping me with this DIY hehe :)

1. Using a canvas I got for $2 from the dollar store. I originally bought this to paint with old make up. Oh well, next time. haha. 

2. Crayons of course. I haven't touched a single crayon in at least 8 years. 

3. This is up to you, I decided to remove the paper wrapper because some pieces were broke and it doesn't look as neat. If you decide to keep the paper wrapper on, you'll find that gluing the crayon is much easier.

4. After measuring and adjusting (more details below), it turns out my thicker crayons would fit better on the canvas. So I decided to cut them up. Make sure to saw in a mark all around the crayon. You can then break them more evenly. 

5. Crayon pieces I broke using a free hand

6. Crayon pieces I broke with the #4 tip. See how they are a lot more even?

I could've stopped here but eventually I got greedy because this art was done so quickly and I didn't have enough fun! haha!! Hence, the first picture of this post is my finished work! 

I hope you liked me sharing this post! Thanks for reading!

Will you try this DIY?