REVIEW: Biotherm Biosource Clarifying Cleansing Milk

What is this Product? (What it claims) 
This refreshing, delicately scented milk removes makeup and thoroughly cleanses the skin. Rinses well with toner or water. It leaves skin clear and fresh.

Removes makeup and thoroughly cleanses the skin. 

Skin is clear and all traces of makeup are removed.

"Inspired by Japanese skincare textures, these light formulas immerse the skin in a delectable bath of revitalizing, moisturizing mineral freshness for an authentic sensory experience. A clear gel-mousse texture that transforms into a light, silky mousse upon contact with water."

Direction of Use 
Use daily, morning and evening.
Apply with the fingertips to 4 points on your face (forehead, chin and cheeks).
Emulsify in small circular motions.
Do not use cotton as it may be irritating.
Wipe off remaining product with a tissue.
Rinse with water or toner.

Main Ingredients 
SEAWEED EXTRACT: Assist in proper functioning of blood cells.
GLYCERIN: Moisturizing agent for instant comfort and relief of dry skin.
PURE THERMAL PLANKTON: Regeneration and soothing action.

Retail Price: $19 CAD for 200ml and $34 for 400ml on the Biotherm Website
I purchased the 200ml bottle for $98 HKD ~ $14 CAD (Haul Post here) and the 400ml bottle for $20.50 at the L'Oreal Warehouse Sale

This is my absolute favourite face cleanser! I've mentioned this in so many of my posts before, I have extremely dry skin and many soapy, non-soapy, foamy, and gel cleansers dries me out like a dessert. cleansing milk is the only thing that's gentle enough for me. 

The texture and consistency of the product is like a milky lotion. It does not foam and it does not leave any yucky greasy feeling. After rinsing my face off with water, it feels like I still have natural facial oil (just a tiny bit) but once I pat my face dry. It's perfect. No tightness on my skin at all.

This is how I use it, a very brief Facial Cleansing routine:
Full make up face → Make Up Remover for Eyes & Lips → Cleansing Oil for all remaining face → Water Rinse → Pat Dry → Cleansing Milk → Pat Dry → DONE!
If necessary, then I would proceed to exfoliation, masks, etc and the rest to treat moisturize etc etc.

I don't use it to remove make up as I don't believe a skincare cleanser is comparable to make up removers. For the heck of the review though, I decided to do an experiment anyway.

Starting off with all the products we would probably use for our entire face: Foundation, Mousse Blush, Waterproof Liquid Eyeliner, Lipstck, Eyeshadows, Waterproof Mascara.

I mixed it a bit just because.. ok, I was having a little fun. Kinda gross to know that if I mixed my face together it would be like this LOL. Anyways, if I had actually blend out the make up and let it set, I think the longevity of the make up would be more accurate to resemble the actual face. 
(Note 1: by accident, made it easier for the cleaner)

I applied 3 drops of the Biotherm Biosource Clarifying Cleansing Milk. Then, mixed it together with the make up. 

Next I used Clinque's Toner to remove as per the bottle's directions. 
(Note 2: I feel like this also made it easier for the cleanser because the toner is heavy with alcohol) 
I don't like this toner so I use this as "generously" as possible to just get rid of it.

Result: there are traces of the waterproof mascara and lip stick stains. Remember that in note 1 & 2 that this cleanser is already let off easy here. You will also see on many reviews that people rate this as a poor make up remover but this product isn't a one-step cleaning product. Cosmetics should be broken down by a MAKE UP Remover so that your SKIN cleanser can work on your SKIN. 

As a skin cleanser, I think it did a great job with my pores and it cleans my skin well. It is good to catch my last bits of make up if I missed any.

In terms of packaging, both are great! No complains at all. =) For the price, I don't think I would've purchased at the regular retail price, especially when I got both bottles at a discount. I also bought the cleansing milk in Pink as well! I highly recommend this cleansing milk to those with Dry/Combination Skin like myself. If you are acne prone, this cleanser does not help with that but to thoroughly clean. 

Overall: ♥♥♥♥ 
Product: 4/5 ♥ To those who are expecting this to remove make up, it doesn't do as claimed. Otherwise, amazing cleansing milk.
Packaging: 5/5 ♥
Price: 5/5 ♥