HAUL: Remington H9000 20-Pack Pearl Ceramic Heated Clip Hair Rollers Setters

Hi Sparklies!!

I'm super excited with my haul today!! Let me tell you... IT'S A STEEAAAALLLLLL!!

Okay, don't mind the extremely long title of this blog post. I honestly couldn't find the actual name of the product because every website names it all differently!

Found out on the Remington Website that it's actually called T|Studio Pearl Ceramic Heated Clip Hair Setter in Pink

I've wanted hot rollers for a while now because even though I bought a really good curling iron off eBay, I've not very good with it and always end up burning myself... le sigh.

So, it all began like during the Christmas Holidays when the girls were like let's start a Secret Santa thing. And, the Secret Santa website was hooked with Amazon, you know, it prompts you to buy from them and make your wish list from that. Our budget is $30 for each person and I found a few rollers options (they kept popping up Conair at the time) and I put them in my wish list! 

So these are the ones I put down: 

Maybe I should've put down the Remington one too but somehow Amazon search didn't pop up:

(none of my links here are affiliated by the way because I'm kinda in WANT TO SHARE NOW mood and didn't bother to sign up for all those lengthy programs... just thought maybe you can have more options when it comes to shopping ^__^)

Simple Truth.. I just really wanted rollers for Christmas. 

I know it's more than $30 online but in Toronto stores, there are some cheaper ones for $20 in Walmart. I'm a really good deal finder sometimes, I saw Remington rollers for $20 at Factory Direct too. I'll go into more details later.

I remained hopeful because it's secret santa and you don't always get what you want.

Turns out a few of our girls didn't look at the wish list and used the generator as a Name Chooser.
*aiya* so I didn't get my wish..............#$!@#!@$@#$!@# (I'm such a child sometimes) LOL

I ended up getting a thoughtful gift, it's a Philosophy Candy Cane Lane Gift Set.
Can't find a link to it but in the card (it was DIY and with rhinestones + drawings!), it mentions for me to relax from the stress I've been in. awwwwww!

So usually, when all fails, my boyfriend becomes the Santa (HAHAHAHA!!)  Long before I already pointed it out to him that - Factory Direct has the rollers selling for about $20. This was in mid-December. I told him to hold on in case I get it from someone during Christmas.

Now that it's been a while (JANUARY), my boyfriend is still dumbstruck. *VERY STIFF FISTS*

I went with my mom today to see if I get lucky and......

Not only did I FIND it, the price also DROPPED.. $3 bucks AHHAAHAHA.

On the Remington Website it retails for $50, I got it for $17 + tax!!

Who doesn't like a bargain?!?! 

I asked about the policy because this item is a refurbished product.
Most factory direct products are because they buy out liquidations stores basically.
So I have 10 days for an exchange if it doesn't work and I'll get a store credit. No refunds.
I'm pretty cool with that, it's only $17 bucks so I'm not gunna cry about it if I get a store credit.

Cardboard Box Packaging Beat Up

Of course, $17 plus tax so it's about $20. I can't expect a lot out of the packaging. 
As you can see, the cardboard box is very beat up. 

I should be reviewing this sometime this week!
However, if you're interested in this product for the same price, check out...

 Factory Direct


 eBay listing here

Let me know in comments if you think I got an awesome deal! =))