EMPTY SPARKLES: Products Finished in January 2013

GoodSkin Labs SMOOTH-365 Intensive Clarity + Smoothing Peptide Serum
This is one of the 4 bottles I have of this product. Don't get me wrong, I'm not obsessed. It just happened that during one of the MAC Warehouse Sales, that this product was the free gift and I got 2. The other 2 bottles I purchased as a 2 for 1 deal. Finishing the first bottle was pretty .... interesting. The claims of the product were all met however I feel like I expected a lot more from this brand. On top of that, I almost feel like the name of the product is misleading to its actual purpose. Is it a serum or a make up primer? I don't this is a product for everyone and since the price can be quite steep, make sure to try a sample before actually purchasing! Please let me know if you guys want a more elaborate review on this in the comments!

Cutex Nail Polish Remover With Vitamin E
I've heard people say Cutex removers aren't the best but I think it worked out pretty good for me. I normally spend about $1-2 on nail polish removers. I generally have very strong, healthy nails and it rarely ever chips. I can even go with no brand removers for all I care. I am really interested in what you think, do you guys pick brands? Are there any favourites that would open my eyes to another level for polish removers?

Ospas Pores Refiner Facial Cleansing Oil
I'm sure many of you probably never heard of this brand/product: just DON'T purchase this ever. I hauled it back in this post when it was like $8 HKD ($1 CDN). I'm a pretty obsessed cleansing oil freak and this was during my buy-all-types-and-brands phase. This product is in liquid water form, nothing close to oil! It cannot clean really anything but powder make up. So I only use this to clean off my swatches and I won't ever ever ever use this near my face. End of story.

EOS Lip Balm - Summer Fruit
If you ever wondered how the lip balm looked like when it's done, it's a wheel to support it in place. The lip balm doesn't fill the entire bottom. I really liked like this lip balm and purchase a few more as well! Reviewed here.

My Beauty Diary  Rose & White Peony Brightening Mist
Very similar to my review for the facial wash by the same brand, I feel like I expected more from the product. The product does the very basic purpose of refreshing your face but it wasn't brightening or moisturizing. It smells great like rose water and I really like that. For the price of $3-5, it doesn't hurt to try but I don't think I'll repurchase.

Biotherm Biosource Clarifying Cleansing Milk (For Normal or Combination Skin) 
Wow, I can't believe I finished two bottles of these already (okay, fine the small bottle still has a little bit). Well the first bottle was smaller and this second bottle was from the L'Oreal Warehouse Sale haul! I really love this cleansing milk, it's a gentle enough for me since I have very dry skin! I have reviewed this here!

Annabelle 15 Eye Make up Remover Cloths
I hauled this back in Lisa's Cosmetics Sale. I'm rather disappointed in the product because it doesn't remove make up well. For example, some of my long lasting foundations and waterproof make up are not removed. Once the packet has been opened, the re-seal function doesn't work well, so the cloths are dried within a few days. The size of the cloth is also very tiny. It's great for an overnight trip somewhere but don't expect much from it.

Neutrogena Oil-Free Eye Makeup Remover 
I wished I slowed down with this product because I started using it before I even took product pictures for my review! I liked this product overall. As much as it says oil free, there are still some oily residue left behind. It did an alright job with removing my waterproof mascaras and I will probably buy this product again when I'm done with all my other back up stock :)

How do you like these "Empties" post?
Here's another first to trying new things! In my attempt to "shop my stash" more and trying to resist POSSESSION (hauling like a mad woman - Master of Consumption) and actually CONSUME. 

Am I making sense??

There are a lot of other reasons why I'm having this sort of posts. Another one being YOU. Yes, you! I know my readers mostly enjoys reading product reviews and I have WAY TOO MANY products that's just being pushed back or I started using it without doing product photos. So Product Empties Posts allows me to do mini reviews too and I can elaborate if you guys want more info! 

Let me know what you think! :)