Boxing Day Haul 2012

Hi Sparklies!

I know you guys like to see haul posts so here it is! In the past 6 months, I don't know what it is but I noticed that I haven't been much of a crazy hauling shopper anymore.  I almost feel like it's because I'm more into purchasing the "one item I desperately want" or just the essential things in life such as a potential home or a car. Regardless, I got some pieces that I think I will have no trouble coordinating! 

As a ritual, I actually go to Upper Canada Mall every Boxing Day. It's almost like a secret shopping place for me because I'm always able to find the more trendy pieces in my size there. The demographics there tends to like the "comfy" fashion trend... (sweater, sweatpants, very very messy hair bun, UGG boots, AF, AE, Hollister, tanks in every colour, Pink) know what I mean?

These are like my work essentials, I used to purchase expensive suits for work, but no one can tell anyways. 
Eventually, I realized how lazy I am with my work outfits. 
As long as they are well fitted and I feel confident in it, that's all it matters. 

As you will notice, I'm a jacket/blazer and fancy cardigan person. 
I can think of endless outfits with the above =)

I do need to increase the variety of tops/shirts in my closet, oh well, I will encounter these pieces one day.

Yay to accessories. I don't believe in paying plenty of money (max of $15) on jewellery that doesn't consist of precious gems, jewels and metals anymore. So $1 sounds PERFECT to me :)

Probably one of my favourite jacket right now! 
Soft Pink Leather with 100% Down fill. 
It's So Warm!

Teavana is actually pretty new to me although I've heard of David's Tea and Teaopia (now part of Teavana).  I love tea more than coffee so when I heard that they were having a one day 75% off sale, I literally told the SA, "bring me all your sale tea now" AHHAHAHA 
She started laughing at me! It was kinda funny!
I'm so proud at how much I saved!! :)

I can't really remember most of the original prices so let's just say I DID A GREAT JOB! :)

How was your boxing day haul???!