My L'Oreal Paris Cocktail Party Outfit + Goodie Bag

My Outfit to the L'Oreal Paris Cocktail Party!

In the invitation, the dress code was described as "Festive Radiance" which got many of the Toronto Beauty Bloggers chatting on Twitter! Many mentioned sequins! haha! So I wanted to join in the fun and wore sequins as well :)

For the longest time, I still couldn't figure out my outfit because sequins can mean sooo many things! I also wanted to fit with the colours of L'Oreal :) So I styled my boyfriend as well so we match the colours of L'Oreal! I had the photographer there take a picture of us which I need to find ASAP!!

The entire night, I didn't take off my cape except for this picture to show the dress. teehee :)

These boots got many people to come up to compliment/say hi. THANKS BOOTS! 

The cape got many people saying nice things too, THANKS CAPE!
I felt like a modern day, Red Little Riding Hood. :) 


Forever 21 Red Cape (old)
White Sequins Dress from China Trip
Fur Jacket (I really don't know)
White Fur/Leather Boots from China Trip
Earrings and Bangles from Urban Planet and Forever 21
Toy Watch Total Stones in White

I guess no one saw my coat since there was a coat check, but I wore fur! :) 
Because.... I'm worth it! LOL *vain moment*
I had this jacket since I was 7, my bf asked me why I never grew.. well it used to be at my knees back then! 
The coat check lady said I looked stunning which was super sweet!! but then she was patting my jacket a lot so I guess she liked my jacket more!  

Hair Do for the night :) I'm super proud of myself for pulling this last minute :)

This is my goodie bag from the event!

Sorry Sparklies, I wouldn't be able to review too many of the new products before it launches since it wasn't in my goodie bag. *sigh* I was one of the last ones to leave the event because I didn't want to say goodbye without a good conversation with fellow bloggers and the L'Oreal Team! There were just so many people that night and not enough time for me to go around! It was until a few days later when I saw fellow bloggers who left early,  received fuller bags (BB cream, nail kit, extra quads and lipgloss, hair products, eyeliners). *sigh* 

Anyway, if I were to choose again, I wouldn't know whether to leave earlier (better bag) or to hang out longer (fun chats)!! Regardless, I'm going to share some of my goodies with my readers!! I always try to give back to my Sparklies because without your support I wouldn't be able to attend any of these fun events! 

*ahem* Giveaway next post!!!! *ahem*