Hi Sparklies!!!

These shoes I was raving about on Twitter last week arrived and I'm SOOOOOO HAPPY! :) I honestly can't believe they are still available but if you didn't know about them before, you still have a chance to purchase them! You can find them here and here

I first saw these on Michele during her surprised birthday dinner and then Emily was telling me that they were still available on the ALDO website. I literally started looking for them the second I got onto my laptop. I couldn't decide whether I should get the Leopard (Midnight Black) or Black so I got both just so I can compare and think about it.

I am so in love with them right now it's unbelievable. Such a shoe addict, I swear. For the quality of these shoes, I'm BEYOND satisfied. They retailed for $130 and I got them for only $19.50 a pair. That's..... 85% OFF!! WHAAAT!? 

Since I didn't want to pay for shipping, I had them shipped to the store that was closest to me. When I went to pick these up, the sales rep was SHOCKED at the price I paid for them. She didn't even know these shoes were still in stock on the website. I feel amazing when my friends and I discover deals that even the sales rep doesn't know.. WINNNNNNN

Okay, as a shoe addict that I am, I keep track of all the details for my shoes. (I have OCD for my shoes I swear) So I printscreened them from the website and it shows what sizes are still available in case you're wondering.

Let me know what you think!! 
If you were to choose, would you choose the leopards or the pure blacks??!?

I love reading comments and reply all of them too! 
Chat soon!!!1 :)