Black Friday Haul (H&M, Solestruck, Value Village)

Hi Sparklies!!

I was going to wait until my Solestruck order comes in but I feel like it's taking forever so I'm going to post this before it's too late :) I didn't shop too much because I feel like I spend too much on useless things and I need to save up for more important things in life if I ever want to be married! LOL

Forever 21 Haul

I actually hauled this before the crazy Black Friday sale because I never find my size when that happens. I checked out the sale when it happened, but I don't want to get a bunch of random tanks and tops that I won't actually wear. You know how they get you to buy? Really low prices on "everyday basics" when you don't need it. haha! 

Wool Blend Varsity Jacket $15.99, Reg Price $45
High heels $8.99, Reg Price: $38.50
Silverish Gold Skirt $11.99 Regular price

I've been wearing the jacket a lot lately because it has been warm in Toronto. I'm super happy I found these heels, now I can wear them to my boyfriend's company party! As for the skirt, I might be planning a DIY. I will have to see if I have enough materials lying around :)

Value Village Haul

To be very honest, I'm not a good thrift shopper because I'm not a huge fan of wearing someone's old clothes especially when it's an unknown person. It's a lot of dry cleaning and washing before I can actually accept it. However, the Value Village near my house is one of the cleanest ones. Maybe the neighbourhood here is a bit well off, so I find a lot of items with new tags on it or they are hardly worn. Most, don't have ripped stitchings or any stains!  

Oh, and I usually buy silver/metal ware from here because they make my room look french-y! :)

My best purchases ever! First, I found a Brooks Brother blazer!! You can tell it has been dried cleaned and perfectly ironed! Not a stitch or stain and just in perfect condition! It's in a women's size 10 and I'm a size 0 but I think I can probably pull an oversized blazer look! I made my bf try it on and I think he looks ADORABLE in it! A little snug but perfect for Spring and Summer. Normally a Brooks Brother Blazer can retail from $200 to $600, but I got it for just $9.99!!! #WIN

The next was a Joe Fresh Dress which I have in Black here. I found this in a size 2 which was a little big in Navy but Brand New with a TAG on it!! The original price was $39 and I purchased it for $14.99. Of course, this doesn't beat the blazer bargain but it would be great to have another dress that's appropriate for work :) 

Solestruck Haul

Okay due to my boyfriend's constant nagging, he somehow convinced me to HESITATE (for 10 minutes) on getting the Jeffrey Campbell Shadow Stud in White. and GUESS WHAT!? They sold out before my eyes and there I was with two streaks of tears on my face. YES I SOBBED over SHOES! My boyfriend was then awake because of me (this was like 4am? because their sale starts in the middle of the night) and he was just like wtf?! 

That's all I bought, can you believe it? I can't. 
Anyway, what amazing deals did you find during Black Friday Weekend??
Please let me know in the comments below!