Shiseido Warehouse Sale Fall/Winter 2012

Hi Sparklies!!

Sorry I couldn't be any quicker on writing this post since I went on a Sunday! I didn't have much of a wish list and I knew the items I wanted would be there ... just like every single sale they have. I literally truly went just to blog about it!

Fri November 16, 2012 (Private Sale by invitation ONLY) 
Sat November 17, 2012 (Open to public) 
Sun November 18, 2012 (Open to public) 

Shiseido Inc 
303 Allstate Parkway Markham, Ontario, Canada L3R 5P9

Lily Ho in the right bottom corner, in line with me!

This time around I went with LILY HO, a long-time friend and now a certified Toronto Make Up Artist! Although she is a new start up but she has been working for over 6 years now! I remember about 5 years ago when she used to do my fake lashes and full on make up before I can properly do my own eyeliner! ps, she's available for bookings, just let us know!

Anyway, info on the sale...

The prices for NARS hardly changed from the pricelist I got from 2011 **CLICK HERE**
I also compiled this picture below to show you some of the prices for other things! I hope you like it!

I noticed at the sale, there are more gift sets than before. I love love love NARS but I resisted the temptation!
They have new gift sets from bareMinerals that I never saw before.  I might've missed one of the sales previously so they might've debuted there but this was my first time seeing them. I didn't have much interest in them though because I'm not too into pigment eyeshadows. The colours aren't outstanding so I didn't budge. I don't think I saw many people crowd around these gift sets either.

Other Prices:
ORLANE Skin Recovery Eye Contour $59
ORLANE Firming Eye Contour $90
SA Barely There Moisture Fluid $25
SA Vivid Radiance Serum $45
ORLANE Traitement Mascara Noir $6
ORLANE Total Time Fighting Care $42
ORLANE Light Smoothing Cream $46
ORLANE Gentle Smoothing Cream $46
ORLANE First Time Fighting Care Eye Contour $45
ORLANE ELR Replum Cream $145
Shiseido White Lucent Intensive Spot Targeting Serum 30ml $80
Cle de Peau Contour Defining Powder $16
Cle de Peau Foundation $40
Cle de Peau Pressed Pwder Puff/Case $5-$12
Cle de Peau Pressed/Loose Powder $40
Cle de Peau Palette Vintage $58
Cle de Peau Cream Eye Colour $20
Cle de Peau Cream Eyeliner $24
Cle de Peau eye Colour Quad $27
Cle de Peau Mascara $20
Cle de Peau Eyebrow Eyeliner Pencil $11
Cle de Peau Lipglosses/Lipsticks $20
NARS Eyeshadow Trio $20
NARS Eyeshadow Duo $10
NARS Pencil (Lip, Brow, Eye) $8
NARS Mascara $10
NARS Make Up Primer $20
Shiseido Eyeshadow Singles $8
Shiseido Concealers $10

These are not all the prices for all the items there, but these are as much as I can document during my time at the sale! I hope this is helpful for you! I really hope people doesn't just copy and paste this to or other forums. Please at least REFERENCE it back to this post! Thank you!!

Some of the Selection Available
NARS Blushers

NARS Duos and Trios

NARS Gift Sets

NARS Singles


Shiseido Eye Shadows

Shiseido Cream Eye Shadows

It was super hard for me to fight off the temptation to buy anything NARS because they are one of my utmost favourite make up brands!!! Also, I only took pictures of the items I liked best because they are colourful. haha. Sorry for the quality of these pictures, I'm not entirely sure whether I was allowed to take pictures but since I don't always see people posting anything but their haul... THERE YOU GO! :)

Like always, when you go, you will see people buying like BOXES of Shiseido Skincare, it really scares me! They are most likely to be resellers or buying for their whole village or something. BE AWARE, because most of these products are either discontinued in retail stores or they are closely approaching expiry. The expiry dates are not always posted on the product! 

Only 2 months before expiry date!

I was so close to getting the above product and good thing I checked and double checked! Not going to spend $38 on something that will expire in two months. Chances are, this item has been produced for more than 3 years already!


I had really good control lately with purchasing. I have a larger than normal collection already.

#1. NARS Eyeshadow $8 in Night Rider 
I love every colour from the Night Series so I wanted the brown one too :)

#2 Shiseido Brightening Moisturizing Emulsion $32
I had a really good experience with the one in the old packaging, review here.

#3 Shiseido Brightening Refining Softener $30
Haven't had much luck with some of the Softeners/Lotion/Toner lately so just splurged a little to get this.

Here are my previous post on this event: