REVIEW: Mysteriously Yours - The Fine Art of Murder! A Sherlock HolmesMystery

Hi Sparklies!

I can't believe I'm blogging about my boyfriend's birthday celebration before my own (which was in October)! Sometimes I feel that, being able to bring happiness to others is more important than mine, especially when it's for someone significant. 

Mister BF is usually pretty good with surprising me on my birthday, yet, I've never done anything particular for him. This year, I wanted to take him out and do something different. We originally planned the KEG and movies (James Bond Skyfall), but honestly, it's pretty boring and traditional right? So I thought of taking him out to a musical because we both enjoy those (mostly me) but I haven't seen anything that's super special on right now.  After hours of searching on the internet, I came across Mysteriously Yours. *DING DING DING*

Something Different, 
Something Not Traditional, 
and most of all, Interactive.

Mysteriously Yours is a Mystery Dinner Theatre. When I was reading on their website, I thought that it was just us sitting below the stage, eating as we watch and then we will guess the mystery at the very end. However, it's NOTHING like that, it's MUCH more. I will walk you through it all through this post.

Oh, by the way, if you have guests who are celebrating something special, make sure you notify when you do your reservations. That's what I did for Mister BF. I was getting SOOO hyped for this, because they will somehow include him into the script and I love seeing him in the centre of all attention for his special day!!! =)

Mister BF got off work late on his actual birthday and because it was a SURPRISE for him, I only gave him the address, he had no idea what he had in store for him.. he doesn't understand what was the big rush. So I, on the other hand, was obviously going crazy inside thinking, OMG OMG OMG we're LATE and must be missing all the CLUES. My thoughts kept going, the show starts at 6:30pm and we'll got there at 7pm. That means it can be 30 minutes of CLUES!

We got there and parked near Rogers. Street parking near the theatre was pretty full and we already circled around for 10 minutes. If you travel by public transit, the theatre is extremely easy to get to. 

We arrived and got our coats checked (FYI it's $2). We were then instructed to write our first names on the tag and go to our pre-assigned seats.

One angle of the venue from our seats. The whole theatre is underground, that top level is actually the coat check and UG1. Where you sit to watch and dine is UG2.

Just in case you're wondering, we actually weren't late. I'm pretty glad because it turns out, the dinner starts at 6:30pm but the actual show starts at 8:00 - 8:30pm. So if you're a bit behind schedule, you're not going to embarrass yourself walking in. 

We sat down for like 30 minutes and was literally left clueless there. Mister BF and I had a lot of time to decide what to eat and took lots of random pictures. We noticed different parties of guests sat very close to one another. Our table was basically attached to the couple next to us so Mister BF and I didn't have any private conversations. I suppose it's because during the show, you won't be chatting anyways. 

Finally our server, Matt, showed up and came by to apologize. He explained it was extremely busy that night with a smile and a sincere face that makes you not want to be mad despite of being SUPER hungry.  Anyway, we quickly ordered our drinks and meal.

Here is the Menu and it may change overtime. 

Drinks Menu was also themed to the Murder Mystery!

We ordered a Liquid Cocaine and a Corporate Backstabber! Love these names. 
Liquid Cocaine is apparently pretty strong, so I only sipped half and gave the rest to Mister BF. 
My tummy was like warm instantly, it tasted like cinnamon rum.

Us with our food! 

Our Meal (Description is from Left to Right, Top to Bottom)

  • CHEF’S SOUP CREATION A fresh soup prepared daily  
  • M.Y. SALAD  Spinach salad with cherry tomatoes, red onion, walnuts & creamy Stilton vinaigrette 
  • POTATO CRUSTED BAKED SALMON Served with tartar sauce, basmati rice & vegetables
  • BEEF RIBS IN GUINNESS GRAVY Sherlock boneless beef ribs, braised in demi-glaze, stout & herbs  served over buttermilk red potato mash & vegetables
Our Desserts and Drinks (Desserts are top, more Drinks and Chef Special Sauce) 
  • CHOCOLATE BROWNIE  Served with Bailey’s Irish Cream chocolate ganache & whipped cream  
  • We ordered Mocktails after since we're driving back
  • Specialty Sauce by Executive Chef, Rossy Earle. If I'm not wrong, this should be "Diablo's Fuego"
I eat everything with spicy hot flavour and originally I asked Matt for some tabasco sauce. Instead, Matt asked the chef to create this for me. I AM SO IN LOVE WITH IT. I wished I knew which one this was though!! It was super amazing. One of my guilty highlights hehe!

At around 8pm, the characters of the show stars appearing all around us. They sit around at our tables coming at random orders to meet and greet chatting and addressing us by our first names. They are already acting as well, this was to allow you to get to know each character and to know the setting of the story (time frame and location). They also poke fun at and with you if you are special *ahem*! hahah! It was such a delight because it's super interactive!! 

I don't want to share too many pictures here because I don't want to give the show away! It was super humorous though. I'll include a picture of Mister BF being picked on by Dr. Watson! Hilarious!!!

Honestly, to see Jack having so much fun and enjoying himself on his birthday makes ME so happy. And I'm sure most of you can relate when you see someone you care for happy right? I'm so glad I brought him to the theatre, this is so memorable for the both of us!! 

The actual show began at 8:30pm and lasted till around 10:30pm with and intermission in between.
I really need to resist from giving the show away but it was super action packed and I didn't have a dull moment with all the jokes here and there! A lot of the times, the cast was improvising with the audience! I cannot wait till we come back!

The Fine Art of Murder - A Sherlock Holmes Mystery Cast with us!

After Thoughts

After the mystery was solved, and all the special guests* were introduced for birthdays and anniversaries - I got a chance to chat with Brian Caws!! I learned that all the Murder Mysteries played/performed at Mysteriously Yours were originally written by the cast! That was the first thing that amazed me. The second thing was, they've been here for 25 years!!!! Although the cast has been in and out over the years but some has remained or returned! In the poster behind me, you can see some of their familiar faces! Barb Scheffler, for example, has been on and off with Mysteriously Yours over the last 16 years!! *jaw drops*

The show I watched is called The Fine Art of Murder, a Sherlock Holmes Mystery. It's playing until January 2013 and then they will have a new one come out called Once Upon a Murder, A Fairytale Murder Mystery! I recommend everyone to go! It's truly worthwhile. Prices can be found here.

For this dinner, it was on a Friday night so it is $66 a person. For a show PLUS dinner, it's truly worth it. Compared to my original plan of The Keg and movies, I would say it's almost going to cost the same. Why not try something more memorable with your significant other? 

Oh by the way, if you're planning something out of the world like a private party/event, you can even get a story written! I found that our from Brian and you find out more from their website.

2026 Yonge Street, Toronto ON M4S 1Z9 

Thank you very much to Lili and Brian Caws for having me and also to Jaymes for getting everything set for me. This was an incredible experience! I love you guys!!! This is one of my longest blog review ever, I think that says something!