My Favourite Sunglasses Trends

Hello Sparklies!

I guess by now, it's a known fact that eyeglasses and sunglasses are a huge fashion statement even if you have 20/20 vision! I mean, look at my DIY Glasses that landed me in the Newspaper! HA!

However, there are so many eyewear out there and it can get overwhelming when the sales rep just pushes you to try every frame or label they carry just so he/she can meet their sales target. Thank goodness for online shopping!!

Anyway, here in this post I'm going to put some of my favourite eyewear trends into category and you can figure out which suits you best :)

Any shapes that ties in with the 50's and 70's. Think Cat-Eye and Round Hippie style frames. If you are brave, try wild colours, shapes, unusual and even rhinestones! Although I always feel like those with a V-shape face often pull off looking beautiful and chic in frames of all styles; Cat-Eye actually makes gals with a square-shape face or those with high cheek bones look gorgeous as it pulls the attention away from these features.

SparklyPlayground Retro Picks:

  1. Tom Ford FT0173 NIKITA 56J
  2. Prada Baroque PR27NS AB3M1
  3. Ralph Lauren RL8071W 529452
  4. Yves Saint Laurent YSL 6321/S 900/T9

Become a Hollywood A-lister in seconds! Oversized frames are a personal favourite because I like how it makes my head appear smaller! hahah! It also helps cover my dark circles on days when I don't feel like putting on make up! :) Super chic and highly functional!

SparklyPlayground Oversized Picks:

  1. Chloe CL 2189L C04
  2. Valentino VAL 5750/S EFP/04
  4. Fendi 5090R SUN 612 A

Wayfarers were created during the transitional period of thin metal frames and plastic eyewear. The style has been with us for more than 5 decades. I went through quite a big of research on this but can basically be summarized by a picture here. Needless to say, they are definitely a modern classic for all of us.

SparklyPlayground Wayfarer Picks:

  1. Ray Ban RB2140-A Original Wayfarer (Asian Fit) 901
  2. Dsquared2 DQ0017 O1A
  3. Ray Ban RB4168 Meteor 710 H
  4. Boss Orange BO 0043/S S25/CM

When I think of Aviator Sunglasses, I think of Ray-Ban hands down. They are the Aviator godfather! Did you know they were originally designed in 1936 as Pilot's glasses to protect their eyes during flight? A year later, Ray-Ban began selling the glasses to the public and the Aviator phenomenon never stopped since. I still have yet collected my pair of Ray-Ban despite its popularity because I couldn't find a pair that fits my face frame miraculously. So for now, I will just share my picks :)

SparklyPlayground Aviator Picks:

  1. Ray Ban RB3479 Folding Aviator Polarized 001/58
  2. Ray Ban RB3025 Aviator Large Metal Polarized 002/58
  3. Ray Ban RB3428 Road Spirit Polarized 001/M4 B

My current wish list for sunglasses (yes! I need them for the winter times too!): 
Prada Baroque PR27NS AB3M1, any of the Ray-Ban above and the Chloe CL 2189L C04

Let me know what's on your wish list for 
Sunglasses or Eyeglasses
in the comments below!