Lisa's Cosmetics Sale Winter 2012

Hi Sparkles!

It feels like it has been a while since I blogged about the sale. This time around, I went with my mom on VIP day (Friday November 23, 2012). Before I get any further on how I felt about it this time around, let me give you the info on the sale:

 Nov 24 - 27, 30
Dec 3 & Dec 7 - 10

 SAT 9-6PM; SUN 10-6PM; MON, TUE, FRI 10-8PM

1380 Rodick Rd, Markham, ON CANADA L3R 4G5

In case you have no idea what the sale is, you can take a look to compare the prices, the different products from my previous post of the past sales here:

This time around....
We actually went at 10am this time when I think doors opens at 9am. Here's how the line up looked like at the time:

No line up at the time at all!

Instead of taking pictures of everything like some of my previous posts, I am only posting the items that interests me. FYI this is not a representation all of the products at the sale. 

Revlon Products

Revlon Products

I'm pretty impressed with more Revlon products! I have way too much lip and eye products, or else I would've splurged here! They had really nice colours, same with the nail polish!

All Annabelle products were $1.99 but I'm pretty surprised this palette was at the sale too. This is SUCH an amazing deal!!


I was very dissappointed when I walked by the purses. They were priced higher than Pacific Mall and we all know Pacific Mall can be pretty overpriced already. I can get them cheaper on cruise shops or even in Asia.


It wasn't their first sale with H2O, I bought one of their serums during the last sale and I wasn't impressed so I didn't budge at all seeing this. I'm gunna do some research on what's a worthy H2O product and see if there's anything great from this brand. 

Some Prices for H2O prices:
Sea Results moisture mender 50ml - $35 (New packaging and name on website)
Sea Results eye mender plus 15ml - $24 (New packaging on website)
Green Tea antioxidant eye serum 13ml - $22 (No longer on Canada Website)
Green Tea face complex 50ml - $24 (No longer on Canada Website)
Sea Pure renewing prep tonic 210ml - $12 (on website)
Sea Pure creamy facial cleanser 118ml - $12 (No longer on Canada Website)
Sea Pure gentle refining polish 75ml - $17 (on website)
Oasis daily hydration system - $24 (Not on website)
Oasis intensive hydration system - $35 (Not on website)
Face Oasis hydrating gel 50ml - $22 (New packaging on website)
Face Oasis ultra hydrator 50ml - $24 (New packaging on website)
Oasis ultra hydrating booster 25ml - $20 (New packaging on website)

Smashbox had tons of Gift Sets again this year. Individual items though were all marked higher than previous sales. Very disappointed about that. The Gift sets are quite worth it however if they are not outstanding. I really miss the brush set they once had. They now sell them individually. If you attended the IMATS.. you really will not buy anymore brushes in a while so the ones at the sale are definitely not worth it.

Anyone miss the Spa Resource brushes from Walmart? I mean, before the price hike and the new packaging? Well they are here. What's interesting is that, the eyeshadow brush that said out of stock, was actually never at the sale to begin with (The girl working there told me) I recommend the lip and the kabuki brush. I bought them already so I skipped. 

Our Haul

This is my mom and I combined. I mostly got perfumes - notice those cardboard boxes? I try to buy the sample versions if it's available. They are usually $10 less than regular price at the sale. Sometime it just means that they won't have the cap or the bottle will have the "Sample" print on it. Super Savings!! 

#1 Tresemme Condition 900ml $3.49
#2 Tresemme Shampoo 1.17L $3.99
#3 Hair Colour $4.99 each
#4 Elizabeth Arden Intervene Serum 30ml $32
#5 Bling Bling Magnetic Brooch $11.99
#6 Anna Sui Dolly Girl 75ml $29 (this is my 2nd bottle, I LOVE this scent)
#7 Dolce & Gabbana Light Blue 100ml $58 (one of my friends gifted this to me a long time ago and I passed it on to my sister. Started loving this scent again so I splurged)
#8 Speed Stick $1.99
#9 Cutex Nail Remover $1.99
#10 Viva La Juicy Gift Set (This is for my friend and she reads my blog so I'm not going to post the price for this)

That's All!!
I would love to hear what you think of our haul and if you went to the sale, please let me know how your experience was!