Haul: Urban Planet

Hi Sparklies!!

I feel like I haven't done any Haul Posts in like the longest freaking time. In recent months, I feel like I lost a part of my blogging vibe and I brought it up during a car conversation with my blogging girlfriends the other day. They reminded me a few things and gave me a pointer and it really helped. Maybe because of recent events in my life, I kind of closed myself off and just never mentioned anything too personal to me. And it's as if, I just shut myself off entirely? I don't know. I just need to remember that my blog means my life, and that those who don't matter, don't mind.

Anyways, I wanted to share some of the deals I scored! I've been shopping a bit much now that I have more time!! Originally, I wanted to pile like a few hauls altogether but I remember one time I did that, a reader of mine said it was a whole lot and she doesn't know where to begin commenting LOL! So, this is just a quick post for Urban Planet. 

Pink Platforms $10
Pink Studded Bangle $3
Silver Bangles Set $3
Bling Bling Chandelier Earrings $3
Bling Bling Balls Earrings $2.50

Honestly, I love/hate this place for a few things. First their ridiculously cheap shoes!! I scored many pairs of shoes from here for just $10 CAD plus tax. For example, my neon spiked heels worn in here. You have to wait for their sales or else it's just not worth it. They are high and edgy! They look pretty good from afar but don't expect anymore other than that HAHA! Quality matches their price point - and don't get flats from there, the sole will fall off on day 1! I hate to super glue it, yeah super ghetto! 

Second, I love some of their clothes, and for those who has been there, you're probably like... WTF?! Well, I shop there for DIY pieces. Let's say I need a piece to do a DIY project on, I would come to the store to find it because I can't sew anything and things here are cheap and tacky enough for me to make a masterpiece - if that makes any sense to you. Recently, I'm working on a DIY project which will be a video once it's done. I'll refer back to this post and YOU WILL GET WHAT IM TALKING ABOUT =DDDDD *excited*

Third, the accessories. I find that most of their accessories, when they are on sale is comparable to the stuff I find in Mong Kok, Hong Kong both in price and quality. 

That's it for now, my skin has been horrible and I really need to regulate my sleeping habits.
Please comment and I look forward to reading them when I wake up :)