REVIEW: LUCIDO-L Bubble Hair Color (Ash)

LUCIDO-L Bubble Hair Color Champaign Ash

What is this Product? (What it claims)
Mandom Lucido-L Bubble Hair Color is a new foam type hair color. The hair dye mixture will transform into foam and penetrate into your hair and roots evenly and effectively. Mandom Lucido-L Bubble Hair Color contains Collagen, Pearl Extract, Silk Essence and Camellia Oil to protect and moisturize your hair.

English Sticker on box: "Even more beautiful coloring, long lasting with a smooth, dry shine. Crystal formulation that produces hair colour with moist shine and sparkling clearness. Containing damage repair and moisturizing factors"

Manufacturer: Mandom
Brand: Lucido-L
Contents: Mix1 40ml, Mix2 80ml, After color beauty essence (hair treatment) 5g 
Place of Origin: Japan

Contents: Mix1 40ml, Mix2 80ml, After color beauty essence (hair treatment) 5g 

Directions of Use
1. Attach Solution 2 container onto box, add entire contents of Solution 1. Tightly close cap, mix well, shaking vertically about 30 times.
2. Remove the cap, apply mixture evenly onto dry hair avoiding touching the scalp directly, lather gently in your hands until your entire hair is covered with bubble, then leave about 15 to 20 minutes.
3. When you get desired hair, use shampoo and conditioner. After towel-dry, se Hair Essence leave-in treatment. When washing out mixture, avoid rinse water running into your eyes.

Main Ingredients:

Photo from the English Stick on box

$12.99 + 13% tax for a box at TNT Supermarkets (Local Asian Supermarket)

I've been very very drawn to ashy hair colours because I feel that it adds a romantic touch, yes to hair :) I mean, I really like those Popteen Magazine blonde hair as well but I'm really not into the brassy look anymore and under flash photography... just so 90's yuck.

Anyway, without success from Liese and Palty.. I decided to try this brand that I'm too familiar with - partly because I don't see it as often in Hong Kong? I just Don't Know how I never saw this brand (maybe because the packaging is not pink and doesn't have a Japanese model) but I'm super in love with it!!!

First thing I was impressed was that even with dark hair, the ash color runs on well. Most light hair dyes does not work at all on dark hair or it just bleaches it into brassy hair. However, on the box, it shows that it will be ashy still.

Colour Sample Grid

Second, similar to many foam hair dyes on the market, this one was messy-free and easy to use. 
I thought I would show the mixing process here.

Mixing the hair dye together.

My Before and After Photo

Notice how it covered my brassy blonde and my black roots, although there's still a bit where you can notice the roots after dying but I think it matched and covered the roots very well. After 9-10 washes, my ashness hair colour started to fade but not the light brown pigments. This was extremely impressive.

Another thought is that considering it the hair colour preformed so well, the quality of my hair did not have to compromise. Yes, I have crappy, fried hair but this dye was actually very conditioning and the hair essence/lotion that came with the package was indeed reducing the damage of my hair.

Hair in Daylight

I had so many compliments with my hair, many thought it was actually out of a salon. Probably the best $24 I used on hair products! 

Final Notes: this was my hair in April/May 2012. My current hair colour is black because it's fall muahha :) I had this hair in this outfit post here.

Overall: ♥♥♥♥♥
Product: 5/5  LOVEEEE
Packaging: 5/5  Practical
Price: 4/5  Reasonable and probably cheaper in Asia.