IMATS 2011: Experience and TIPS!!

Hey Sparklies!

As I was checking through my beauty events calendar, I realized IMATS is just around the corner next month!! Wow, it's been a year already! Last year, I focused majorly on editing videos, and didn't manage to blog pictures on it. Luckily, I still have those pictures so I can share them with you and give a few tips on what I've learned from last year (my first time)!! This entire week will be all IMATS just to pump you up! WOOHOOO!!!

Last year I went with Emily and Rica so you're gonna see their faces here :) *lovelies*

Myself and Emily in front of the infamous sign of IMATS

Rica and I in front of the infamous sign of IMATS

Rica, Emily, Kevin James (KJ) Bennett and Myself at the Press Lounge

I was invited to blog about IMATS Toronto so along with that, I along with other bloggers and youtubers got to hang out at the Press Lounged presented by Royal Langnickel. We got to chit chat with Susan Kelly, Kevin James (KJ) Bennett and stuff our faces with food. I filmed some clips on this, if I can find my video I will upload it. :) Thanks for spoiling me when I'm supposed to be working!

I went on both days so I was pretty exhausted. If you are a first time goer (whether you're a MUA, Student, Blogger or just a Make Up Fanatic), I strongly advice you the following:

  1. Bring Business Cards. It's really important to stay connected and to put a face to a name. This can help you get their contacts in return as well.
  2. Bring a Camera. This helps to check out swatches under photography or flash photography.
  3. Bring Pen and a Sketch Paper notebooks. This is so that you can compare swatches, prices, sizes from difference booths. Sketch paper catch on to pigments easier and you can check out the moisture level (grease/water)
  4. Bring Cleansing Wipes. duh, because the back of your hand can only fit so many swatches. If you like to touch everything, everything is so colourful, you're really going to need this. The ladies room is ALWAYS full, just imagine how many ladies are there.
  5. Prepare a list of items you want to buy and stay within your plan. Go on websites, jot down the prices, jot down as much details as possible. Chances are, they will have special deals and you want to know how much you actually saved. Trust me, when you're there, it gets out of hand.
  6. Do check out what are other people's HG items and whether they were endorsed. Nowadays, people are more likely than ever to say they like something because they were paid/sponsored. Know what you want and critique on what matters most to your needs.
  7. Go through your own collection. Know what you have. I have a tendency to keep buying foundations and lipsticks so I know these are my weakest areas. I make sure to let myself know, okay Joyce, you already have every shade of red, pinks, corals, and nudes. *self-lecture*
  8. Go early to avoid disappointment. Things do run out much faster than you imagine. 
  9. Plan out the schedule. There are classes you can attend, go early to get good seats. Prepare questions. Some good classes overlap each other and it sucks! Jot notes, these are so valuable and super beneficial for you!
  10. Meet your favourite youtubers. I got to meet Elissa and Koren by really attending their classes and checking out their schedule. I mean, what are the chances I fly to the states to do that? 

That's all I have now, but I'm sure I'll add more as they dates come closer :)
I hope this was helpful for you!! More pictures of IMATS will be posted on my Facebook page.
Another IMATS post tomorrow! :)

My treasures from IMATS 2011

Model for Pursebuzz's class :)

Myself with Elissa Jade

Koren and Myself