Black Leather, Black Lace, Neon and Spikes

Last last week I got together with my girlfriend, Angie, who also started blogging, for a nice DIY session :) We made random things like rings and bangles, chatted bits and pieces on life etc. So a little bit of biography on her. Angie's a fashion grad with a distinctive taste in style, she does outfit posts too! She has a really nice body which I'm kinda jealous of: Slender and Tall. So yea, drool your mouths off. Anyways, check her out! OH, she has cute doodles as well! I'm not kidding - SUPER CUTE HERE

I'll be uploading the post on our DIY soon.  On to my outfit....

Black Lace dress from Hong Kong 
Danier Leather Jacket
Urban Planet Neon Spike Shoes (Similar here)
Sparkly Leggings 
Forever 21 Hat

Literally, the highlight for this outfit are my shoes! I got them for such a bargain at only $10 CAD! 
Yea, scream your heads off!! :) I really love Urban Planet for all their shoes bargains. Their deals are better than Hong Kong when they go on sale! muahahha! :)