My First Beyond The Rack Haul Part 1

I'm guessing no one is really new to timed-discount websites for high-end fashion pieces. 
I signed up for a few from SecretSales (UK), Reebonz (Singapore), to Beyond the Rack (Canada). 
Which ones have you signed up??

Although I signed up, I was always an observer. 
Just checking out the deals, learning about the charges, and reading reviews. 
I also, hardly saw anything that made me feel like... I HAVE TO GET THIS NOW!!!

Well, until today.

Beyond the Rack had the Toy Watch Event!!

I've been wanting to purchase a Toy Watch for about 3-4 years now. 
When I was in Hong Kong, my sister had one of the earliest limited editions - the Skull Collections all blinged up. If you know anything about me, I LOVE Pink and bling, I saw the best pink limited editions (Total Stones, clean wrist band in Pink Crystals) but because I was a student, I can't really afford it. Now, it's gone forever :(

It really sucks to see that I can't find these awesome limited editions ones in Toronto. 
Nonetheless, recently, the need for a watch came back because I need it for work. 
I've been scouting for something sophisticated but knowing myself, I can't get away from bling bling anytime soon. 
I'm still going to get myself a Rolex/Cartier though (.....soon hopefully)

So I went to some Toronto Asian Jewellers around me such as JCY House (First Markham Place) and Sophie (Times Square). They were selling the above Toy Watch Unisex Total Stones Watch In White for $590 (tax included). So that's to let you know their market price. On the ToyWatch (USA) website, it retails for $425 USD plus shipping. I'm not sure how much ToyWatch Canada sells it for. 

ANYWAYS, regardless, we're looking at probably $450 to $590 for this watch. I have been telling myself, I'll only get this when I finish paying off my student loans but I guess I didn't have to wait too long mwahhaha!!!!!!

Toy Watch Unisex Total Stones Watch in White on Beyond the Rack

You see how it's sold out?!?! BECAUSE I BOUGHT IT!!!!

It's an awesome feeling, really! HAHAHA! No wonder people enjoys these bargain websites!

At first when I saw this watch, I was in disbelieve because the price marking seemed wrong! 
The listed retail price is DEFINITELY NOT $110.00 CAD.

By the way, when I first saw this watch, it was on reserve. I literally kept refreshing the page every 10 seconds in hopes that I'll catch it off the reserve status. BTR allows you to add a product in your cart for 20 minutes where basically you get 20 minutes to complete your transaction. 

My mind was literally like, DAMN YOU WOMAN, either buy it or LET ME BUY IT!!!!!!
Meanwhile I was refreshing the page non-stop for a full 15-minute period, I was checking out the other watches too. I found out the other colours of the same model were at a different price range!

Other Toy Watch Unisex Total Stones Watch in Pink, Violet, Blue and Gray

I have no idea why the white one had to be the special one. ps, the BTR picture for the white watch is also kinda ugly lol while all the other ones are all so bright and pretty!

I was thinking, maybe I can probably settle for the pink of the gray, they are both pretty in my eyes. but then when I clicked my next refresh, the watch was OFF RESERVE!!!

My Beyond the Rack Order for the Toy Watch

So I quickly finished my order. It saids that I can buy whatever until September 3 Midnight to get free shipping. I kinda forgot about it until I got home and did a bit of an impulse purchase....

50-PAIR SHOE RACK IN PINK!!! $22.50!!

I guess you can really never go wrong with a shoe rack. 
Maybe I can use it as my background for my YouTube videos like other girls. haha. 
I think I probably really only saved $20 because it's around $35 on Walmart USA in white.

$22.50 tax included, free shipping, no import tax. NO COMPLAINS!

There are more of the shoe rack though, so if you want something like above, see here!

I'm going to do an update blog post once I receive everything! 
Awesome long weekend haul? UH HUH!!!!!!!
I'm all smiles :)*