Unveiling of Annabelle and Marcelle Autumn 2012 Beauty Innovations

Can't believe I almost forgot this until recently I saw the display out in store! 

About a month ago, I attended the event: Unveiling of Annabelle and Marcelle Autumn 2012 Beauty Innovations! I've always loved attending the events by Marcelle Group because of the really cool new products and it's so nice to meet up with fellow beauty bloggers (I love these hunchmunks! *squeeze hugs*)

Like my Outfit?

Here's me in front of the new display that will be coming to retailers carrying Annabelle products! 
I actually took A LOT of pictures of this display, if you are a make up fanatic, it's quite hard to resist!


* powder transforming liquid
* water based solution that transforms any powder eyeshadow into creamy liquid shadow
* July 2012
* suggested retail price: $8.50 9mL

Since this product wasn't on the testing tables, I have no idea how it works yet.

Annabelle Eye Pencils

This is one of the many I took of the display! Pretty!!
To be honest with you, the first ever Annabelle product I ever got myself (almost 12 years ago) was their eye liner! 
It's the best I've ever used! 

Group Picture

I must drooling over the new products or something because I somehow missed the popular group picture that EVERYONE has on their blog post! 
Here's mine!! :) 
*Hugs and Kisses*

Michele, Rica, Myself

I swear, our outfit really describes our personality.


Marcelle BB Cream Anti-Aging with SPF

Marcelle BB Cream Anti-Aging with SPF
* All the benefits you would get from the original BB Cream (1st version) plus Anti-Aging and SPF
* for all ages and all skin types
* 2 shades: Light to Medium, Medium to Dark
* In stores July 2012
* Retail Price: $28.95
* 45mL

My Initial Thoughts:
I already LOVE LOVE the Marcelle BB Cream 1st version, I think I'm only going to love this one as well! :)

Left: The 1st version BB cream came out with a new shade: Dark to Darker
Right: The Marcelle BB Cream Table!! 

Marcelle Cream-To-Powder

Marcelle Cream-To-Powder
* creamy texture that transforms into a powdery finish 
* can be worn alone or over BB cream for more coverage
* Ideal for quick touch-ups and instant results
*with mirror and puff
* 2 shades: Light to Medium, Medium to Dark
* Retail Price: $22.95
* July 2012

My Initial Thoughts:
From the first look, I was like how can something so dark be matching my skintone. I was asking the lady at the table too wondering whether they might have labeled it wrong. She told me to just swatch it and try and BOOM! It disappeared (my boyfriend says) See my picture above, it matched my skin quite well! I really want to try to on my face to see how it might work out! I recommend this to try for sure! :)

Marcelle Eyeshadow Quads

Marcelle Eyeshadow Quads - Monochromatic

Marcelle Eyeshadow Quads - Monochromatic
* offers a mix of 4 finishes of 1 colour in the same pan/compact to let you play with contrasts, mixing mattes with glamourous shimmers
* Suggested Price: $15.95
* 0.16 oz 4.6g
* 9 shades

Marcelle Eyeshadow Quads - Versatile

Marcelle Eyeshadow Quads - Versatile
* offers 4 vibrant shades that stays true to the colour and provide excellent colour pay-off
* Allows variation in looks from subtle to dramatic

* Suggested Price: $15.95

* 0.16 oz 4.6g

* 9 shades

My Initial Thoughts:
Personally, I love colours, variations and zero limitations. 
I absolutely love the vibrant quads because I can create tons of looks.  
Monochromatic quads limits me to one colour and it has about 1-2 matte shades which I'm not a big fan of because my eyes are very flat. Shimmer shades gives my eyes dimensions so I'm sad that it only has two shimmer shades. Moreover, matte colours are naturally not as pigmented or easy to apply compared to shimmer eyeshadows and I noticed that when I was playing with the Monochomatic shadows. Now, the only thing I thought was cool though about the Monochromatic eyeshadow is that there is this pale pink color, I think I can probably use that as a blush, it would be a perfect blend of matte and shimmer :)

Marcelle Gene Youth Line

Marcelle Gene Youth Serum Concentrate
* comprehensive anti-aging treatment that targets all the signs of aging
*improves elasticity, diminishes fine lines and wrinkles and leaves you with radiant even tone
* Skin D Fusion technology, which starts as a gel then melts on contact with the skin releasing active ingredients to penetrate the deeper layers of the skin for increase effectiveness 
* July 2012
* Suggested Retail Price: $42.95 30mL

Marcelle New Age Precision Line

Marcelle New Age Precision Line
* newly innovated anti-aging line, offers increased benefits and better results
* most advanced anti-wrinkle and firming technology with MATRIXYL Synthe'6* to reinforce skin's structure
* clinically proven: 88% more radiant skin, 83% felt their skin was firmer and more elastic
* for women showing signs of aging in their skin: wrinkles, loss of firmness and dull complexion
* Early August 2012
* Suggested retail price: $33.95 for 15-50mL


1. Since the new spokesperson, Marie-Mai, for Annabelle beauty products wasn't present at the event, I decided to have some fun posing like her. LOL

2. Tess and I yakking about make up and event venues 

3. Rica's beauty blogger habits: swatch, swatch, swatch!

4. nom nom nom* ps, I really liked my orangy-gold eye make up :)


Annabelle TWISTUP and New Eyeshadows

Eyeshadows - New Shades:
*below are the swatches of them!
Annabelle Eyeshadows New Shades 

My Initial Thoughts:
I think that these are all trendy colours for the season and are highly pigmented. Sorry I wish I took pictures of the names of these shadows. I thought I would be able to find the names of these in my info package but it's not there. Sorry!! 

Annabelle TWISTUP

Annabelle TWISTUP
* retractable lipstick crayon
* lipstick + lipliner
* Ingredients includes Rapeseed oil, Omega 3 and 6, Shea butter
* July 2012
* Suggested Retail price: $9.95

My Initial Thoughts:
I was pretty in love with these. While I was swatching everything, I noticed that the colour had a mix of pigmented shades and sheer shades which would suit individual needs. I find them VERY creamy, I really really like them!! And the shades available can work from an everyday to something dramatic. I recommend these to anyone!

Annabelle BB

Annabelle BB
Annabelle came out with a whole new line called BB which includes BB Cream Multi-Action Beauty Balm with SPF 15, BB Compact Makeup, BB Skin Perfect Concealer and BB Skin Retouch Crayon.

Annabelle BB Cream with SPF 15

Annabelle BB Cream with SPF 15

* more benefits than a tinted moisturizer
* more natural than a foundation
* 2 shades: Light to Medium, Medium to Dark
* Suggested Retail Price: $15.95
* 40mL

My Initial Thoughts:
From initial swatch, I find that they are quite similar to the Marcelle BB cream but on a cheaper price range. I will need to put this on my face to really differentiate the difference. Review to come!! 

Tess and Myself

And it's a wrap! 
Long post! 
I hope you enjoyed reading it!! :)