I miss my blog SOOOOOO much! So much has been going on the last month. I gave myself a little vacation from my blog to just relax and catch up with life. I didn't upload all the pictures to portray what has been going on below but I'll include a few so it won't be a boring post to read haha!

I will be back dating my blog posts because I like my blog to reflect the dates of the events like a diary. So they are probably not going to show up on your blogs timeline on dashboard! FYI!! 
Links for these back dated posts will all be on my Facebook Page so you won't miss a thing! :)

Around the MMVA weekend, Michele and I attended a MMVA Field party! (Post will be back dated)

I attended the Annabelle/Marcelle's Summer Launch Event. (Just Posted)

UM, What's a Toronto Summer without night markets? 
I went to the Night It Up Night Market last last weekend.
(Post will be back dated)

I started a full-time job! *YAY* 
Honestly, working full time has been taking all my energy away from my blog. 
However, at this stage of my career, this is absolutely my dream job! 
I still remember when I was annoucing this on Facebook and Twitter, I had amazing support from my friends and beauty bloggers! THANK YOU :)
I hope my readers will support me all the way :)

Canada's Day - watched and played with fireworks! :)

Spent time with my BESTIE!!!
and our 

Went to Play Golf for the first time ever.
Now that I tried it, I can honestly say.... I hate it.
I did really REALLY enjoy driving the Golf cart though, I almost flipped it.
I drove it like a Go Kart AHHAHAHA =D


I'm going to BLOG BLOG BLOG ...

... 'til you're sick of me!

Actually, I won't stop regardless :)
*maybe a few vacations here and there*