TUTORIAL: How To Customize Your False Lashes


So I had a day of no work, no studying and no computer. (I felt so deprived of my MacBook, #FirstWorldProblems) 

Anyway, I started cleaning and found my drawer filled with these boxes of 10-pack false lashes. I used to import them from the manufacturer so now I have a lot left over! If you're curious about these, most bloggers call them the "eBay lashes". For $1-2, you can get a box of 10 lashes. Sweet deal but be prepared for the crappy quality. I have a variety of styles, one of which I used to love and grown to hate... the below!

 I feel like whenever I wear them, I have a black fan over my natural lashes! So, I wanted to do something about it and hope to use it in some way.

I started thinking about my dream lashes, and how my favourite tends to look like.

Instead of whacking more money on lashes, why not try to customize my OWN?!
And, you can try it too! For the cost of these lashes, you have nothing to lose!

I like these "nostril cutting" scissors because I won't poke my fingers!

Here are some of the cutting designs I started to think about and play with!


These reminds me of the Japanese style like Dolly Wink and everything Popteen!!

This pair reminds me of beautiful perfect lashes ready to rock the city so I wanted them to be called Y.O.L.O!! 
*Drake Song*

I usually like to add more flare to my eyes with these :)

I honestly have no idea how these will look on me, some kind of weird design.
I guess, I'll have to try it out tomorrow or something :)

Finally, my remainder of lashes which I threw out. 
I can see some people, if they are hardcore, to use them as lash extensions. I'm too lazy though haha! 

Have you tried this before?!