Shiseido Warehouse Sale Spring/Summer 2012

Shiseido Warehouse in Canada

Shiseido Inc 
303 Allstate Parkway 
Markham, ON L3R 5P9

Private Sale Invite (For Friday May 4th only)

This time around, my mom was able to get a ticket - each ticket allows one more guest. 
Since I had to attend ANTM Live Canada Event, I can't split my body into two so she took her friend to go instead. 
I managed to persuade my mom to take some pictures for me and the blog!! 

So I hope you enjoy the post! 

I don't think I saw these products before but due to the price, I think that is why they are placed around the cash register instead of around the counters like previous sales.

This time they had cle de peau!!!! 

When I saw this picture and when my friend called me about it.. I REGRET SO MUCH not going!! 
I've always wanted to try their products since I was in HK and Japan, but their retail price are quite steep so I never pitched in. I didn't even know Canada sells this brand, AH!! I want to kick myself :(


My Mom's Haul

My mom never hauls that much especially when she has a daughter like myself who has everything already!

1. Make Up Bag $2

2. Shiseido White Lucent Brightening Protective Moisturizer SPF 16 $32
When I purchased this during the last sale, it was only $30

3. Joico Whipped body Butter $3

4. Shiseido Facial Cotton $6

5. Nars Liquid Eyeliner $8

6. Shiseido Lipsticks $10 each

I feel that the sale has increased their prices (like always) and expriy dates are so soon! 
For example, for product #2, when I purchased mine last year, it was dated Oct 2012 as the expiry date, turns out the one my mom bought had the SAME expiry date.  So please be careful when you're purchasing, check the expiry dates! Oct 2012 is only 6 months away!

The sale is still going on this weekend! 
Make sure you don't miss it! :)

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