Hong Kong 2011 Haul #5

These are my remaining haul pictures from Hong Kong. 
I still have so many pictures from that trip yet to post!

Just doing a quick share. I hope you enjoy seeing what I got!

mTm Skin Care Haul

This mTm skincare collection was a splurge! 
BF decided to treat me something really great for my skin (it was pretty bad at the time)! 
This collection of skincare was custom made. There was the flagstore in Hong Kong so this was on one of our To-Do list during my trip there. 
The entire collection cost about $400USD and in really small portions too! 
*sigh, my BF is kinda mad at me because I still haven't used it yet. But it's only because I don't want to use it up!!! 
Since it's going to expire soon, the 1 year mark,  I shall start soon! 

1. O.P.I Shatter in White $65 HKD from Bonjour (on sale)

2. Laneige Water Bank Eye Gel $125 HKD from Bonjour (on sale)
I haven't started using this either. I did take pictures of it, and it's so tiny in size! I hope it's worth it! haha

3. Laneige White Plus Renew Apple Zone Mask $190 HKD fron Bonjour (on sale)
This buy was EPIC FAIL! I thought it meant the mask meant eye mask because I did zero research before purchasing this. It turns out, you must use this product with their eye serum or lotion which was sold separately! I only found out when I researched it when I got back to Toronto! How stupid right?! So yea, to this day, I still didn't buy the eye serum yet :( FAIL!!!!

4. Essential Clips $FREE (came with my purchase #3)

5. Ospas Cleansing Oil $8 HKD/bottle ~ $1 CAD
I was like SCOREEE!! I'm a cleansing oil freak! Turns out they suck REALLY badly. I'm not even going to bother writing a post on it because it's very unheard of and there's such a lack of information accessible for me to talk about in much depth. It's not thick and actually much like water. Very soapy and cannot remove make up entirely. I now use it to just clean off make up between swatches. What a waste to my suitcase. This is what you get for a dollar.

6. Cosmagic Visual Up Brow Mascara in BR01 $95 HKD from Sasa
At the time, I had faded red brownish hair, so I wanted something to lighten my brows just a bit. I have been using this a lot so a review is due to come! :) 

7. Fairy Drops Platinum Mascara Water Proof Type $118 HKD from Sasa
I know Sephora in Canada sells Fairy Drops mascaras too but they don't have as big of a selection as Hong Kong. Clearly, the pink metallic body sold me! hahah I really like this mascara though! SUPER LOVE actually! :) 

8. Kiss Me Sunkiller BB Perfect Strong SPF50+ PA+++ $85HKD from Sasa
I'm a big fan of high SPF products so I decided to try this for fun! :)

9. SUNPLAY Water & Sport SPF130PA+++ $90 HKD from Bonjour
I planned a cruise/yacht day with a bunch of friends so I got this sunscreen to use since I'll be i the water and the sun all day :) This is the brand I trust lots with!

10. Borghese Brightening Mud Mask For Face And Body $155HKD from Colourmix
I reviewed it here. One of my favourites so I decided to buy it again :)

11. My Beauty Diary Cupid's Love Limited Collection $78 HKD from mannings
It's just sooo cuteee!! pink and brown and all valentiney. I have a soft spot for sheet masks so this was quite an impulse purchase :)

12. Meiji Amino Collagen Powder (Can) $190 HKD got it on sale at Bonjour
I saw this on sale at first at mannings one day sale advertisements. But the mannings near me sold out and the one-day sale was already over. So I went searching for this product because I'm obsessed with anti-aging supplements and having already tried the H20 Collagen drink, I wanted to try more. Finally found it at Bonjour and it happened to be on sale! SCORE! :)

ps, I'm reviewing this product next! (Kinda why I found these pictures actually haha)

Let me know what you think of my haul! 
Did you try any of these products yet??