SWATCH: essence colour & go quick drying nail polish

essence colour & go quick drying nail polish
While I was attending the essence Canada Launch, I was able to pick up some nail polishes there!
So I decided to add them to my nail polish color wheels and swatch them all!
Here's the info on the nail polishes on the essence website:
color-intense and totally hip! the new versions of the colour & go nail polishes cover your nails in the brightest colors of the spring season and really get you in the mood for a deluxe styling session! ranging from pastel to bright to holographic – with these new colors, you're sure to be super trendy! and thanks to the fast-drying formula and the flat brush, all it takes is one stroke of the brush per nail and your hands and feet are ready to hit the town!
Available in 9 new colors and a total of 22 colors
08 ultimate pink

Super fun color for any day of the year. Duh, because it's pink, obviously I LOVE IT! hahaha.
I do think that a paler shade of this color might look better on my hands though.
Going to play some mix and match with this polish and see if I can pull it off :)
26 break through

I think this colour looks really good on short nails because when I tried this on with my long nails, I remind myself of the evil queens of Disney movies - namely Snow White.
Otherwise, I think it's perfect for spring and summer! A playful color!
34 walk of fame

This is another one of my favourites from essence polish collection.
I'm really into gray, creme tones and this particulat one is a grayish taupe colour.
Dark enough but doesn't give off the sick, unhealthy look of gray nails.
I think it will look good on all skin tones.

43 where is the party?
This color, Rica and I were hunting down at the launch party because it looked SO freaking good in their official pictures.
Turns out to be nothing like it though. I mean, even my picture of the bottle makes it looks nicer than it is.
The swatch tells you exactly why I'm disappointed. We thought it would be a duo chrome nail polish but it doesn't nearly meet our expectations.
For the name.. there is no party - Enough said :(
46 wake up!
This is the color I have on right now because it's Monday and I'm dreading to go to work.
The name just saids it all! If it wasn't named Wake Up, I might rename it to Fire Alarm LOL
It's a orange that's so very close to red.
It's a very close dupe to one of my favourite polish that's been discountinued by Lancome - nouvelle corail.
70 nude it!
Nude polishes is almost a must in everyone's collection.
It's a creme polish and it's opaque with just 2 layers. Very effortless.
I love these for work when I don't feel like being extravegant.
86 a lovely secret
This is one of my favourite polish because first it is a lilac purple with more blue hues and it has a tint of pink sparkles in there.
The pink sparkles is hardly noticable in the swatch and you really have to look at it to see it.
The colour overall is very opage and doesn't require many layers! I can't wait to put this color on next!
91 glamourous life
I'm a little disappointed with this polish as it is not opague.
I'm a fan of opague polishes. After 3-4 layers, this is as far as it goes, you can even see the sticker in the back.
(It's the stickers for my numbering system for my polish wheels)
I don't recommend this polish at all.
95 wanna be your sunshine
I love this colour, although in the bottle it has a bit of metallic sheen but it's not noticable when applied.
It looks like candies and jelly beans on hands.
Great for Spring time!
Time to let me know what you think in your comments below!