Sutherland Supermodel Search 2012 Media Event

The Top 12 Finalists of the Sutherland Supermodel Search 2012

Last week I had the honour to photograph and attend a media event for the Sutherland Supermodel Search 2012.  These girls will be featured at America's Next Top Model Live (ANTM), an exciting consumer event coming to the Metro Toronto Convention Centre on May 4, 5, 6, 2012. 

Models are being touched up with make up and hair!

Gosh, look at those sparkly dresses! It's tickling my senses in every direction! 
I found out later they were all from Rent frock Repeat, a dress renting company! You really have to take a look at their website. I was like *gasp* dresses!! The little girl in me came out again hehehe! I would love to wear these dresses to events and my photo shoots! 

Dan Lim doing this thannngg! 

It's my first time seeing Dan Lim (Toronto-based Photographer) in person working. He's especially great at shooting fashion and beauty but I'm sure he can cover more horizons. I've seen his works times before in Flare, Fashion Magazine, Glow, Chatelaine. From this event, I noticed that he is a very verbal photographer. As he was taking pictures, he instructs the models on how to pose and gives compliments when the models are bringing it!

Also at the event, Pandora was also here to allow guests to create their own complimentary bracelet. I've seen so many of my friends having one of these, I'm super excited to finally create my own! It was super fun, I love all these personalized stuff! See my next post to see what I created!

The Pandora Counter

Look at that smile on my face! Actually, check out the girl beside me, she looks very happy too! hahah!
They have such a good selection there, I definitely needed their assistance to help me narrow my choices. 

The models line up as Carole announces the top 12 finalists!

The Top 12 Finalists are: 
 Rachel Allard - 5'9" 14 years old 
Emily Alexander - 5'11.5", 17 years old 
Thea Barnwell - 5'9", 17 years old 
Carol Brantnell - 5'9", 18 years old 
Brittany Bridges - 5'9", 15 years old 
Sarah Curd - 5'9", 17 years old 
Heather Kelsall - 5'10", 15 years old 
Evelyn Li - 5'9", 19 years old 
Taylor Reddi - 5'9.5", 14 years old 
Olivia Singh - 5'10", 17 years old 
Anna Stephenson - 5'10", 15 years old 
Taylor Treveaven - 5'9", 20 years old

The Winner of the Sutherland Supermodel Search will be announced live on show weekend and be awarded with an exclusive contract provided by Sutherland Models, and an exceptional prize package values at over $10,000!

Caught up with Carole from Sutherland Model Agency for a small chat!

Ending this post with a picture of a Ninutik Maple Sugar adding frizz and a sweet taste to my champagne :) 

My next post is going to be my Pandora Bracelet! Don't Miss Out! :) :)