It's Gone Before You Know It

I received so many compliments for this necklace! From malls, work and friends and I told them all I found it from TrinityStyles website. To be honest, I had a lot of trouble finding a blinged up necklace collar for an affordable price so I'm really happy about this product and I truly recommend this to anyone! :)

Leopard Blazer from Hong Kong
Metallic Bracelet from Ardene (in brown here)
Charms Bracelet from Pandora (Thanks!)
Black Dress Shirt from Urban Behaviour
Pants from Zara (old)
Papier Tote from Balenciaga (old) (similar here)
Loafers by Sam Edelman (similar here)

This outfit is usually stuff I wear to work, the office is business casual so I don't need to be in suits everyday. If I don't wear my blazer, I think that the collar makes the outfit more feminine. It's seriously one of my favourite piece, I've been pairing with many outfits. More to come for sure!!

I can't believe how fast time flies when you're busy. I know it's quite cliche but I still remember how worried I was when I was looking for a contract job about 6 months ago and now I already finished! I will finally have more time for my blog and youtube! I've been discussing with my boyfriend on different plans for the blog (maybe new projects) and for my room as well.... fun things to come!! 

It's the end of a chapter and in search of finding the next. My lady boss and I spent a fabulous friday last week together shopping, exchanged gifts and had dinner! I will be optimistic this time around and head my head up for a another journey! Wish me luck :) 

ps, my boyfriend is going to start a blog on his fashion, cars and anything gentlemen related. 
Any good ideas??