REVIEW: IYASHI Bedrock Spa - Rock Bathing

IYASHI Bedrock Spa
2662 Yonge Street
Toronto, ON M4P 2J5

Last week, Norma (one of the owners of Iyashi Bedrock Spa) invited me to sample their signature Rock Bathing treatment. Iyashi is the first Ganbanyoku (Rock Bathing) spa in North America to recreate the authentic Japanese Rock Bathing (waterless) experience that originated in Thailand.
Japanese people have been lying on natural stone for many generations in order to heal diseases by sweating and detoxifying the body. Rock Bathing has turned into a Spa phenomenon in Japan - 4000 established since 2001. I was pretty excited about the opportunity and wanted to capture every little bit! I bought along my boyfriend because I'm not as tech savvy like him, so he can help take pictures and videos. Of course, I wanna bring the best possible pictures to my readers!!

The lobby of the spa. One side is the Traditional Suite, the other side is the Deluxe Suite

Black Silica Rock
Iyashi’s Ganbanyoku stone beds are made from these stone slabs which are found in only one mountain in Japan. Black Silica contains many natural minerals and is treasured for its ability to emit Far-Infrared Rays (FIR) as well as Negative Ions. The combination of these two minerals result in amazing health benefits - the reason behind WHY Rock Bathing is healthy for you.

Black Silica was formed during the very beginning of life hundreds of millions of years ago at the bottom of the ocean and is recognized as one of the world’s rare natural ores. It is often referred to in Japan through its nickname - "phantom ore" - due to its scarcity.

Even Canadian National Freestyle Snowboard Team member, Katie Tsuyuki, was here and she said:

“I really noticed a difference in the lactic acid levels in my muscles. I wasn’t sore the next morning after a big workout and I felt fresh and recovered for my next workout. The treatment itself was relaxing for both my mind and body, a great sanctuary from the cold. I also like how I felt right after the treatment, warm and calm, I had a great deep sleep that night. Being an athlete I get regular treatments from various places, but this spa is unique and I recommend it to anyone, especially to athletes who want to get that edge.”

Norma then guided us into the changeroom for the Traditional Suite. She had already prepared our lockers. Inside I found a pair of disposable underwear (not unisex, bf had disposable boxers), the apple green outfit (you will see me wear it), disposable slippers, a cup and a towel. Next to these lockers, there were 2 change rooms for us to change.

The Traditional Suite has 17 Stone Beds, it is for women only (for Rock Bathing Treatments) but for this exclusive review, she allowed my bf to come with me. 
Hot Yin Yoga classes (men allowed) are also held here, where partitions are just moved to the sides. 
No talking is allowed in the Treatment room to ensure it is a tranquil environment for our other guests. 

Right after we got changed, we pass by the cool off room. The purpose is obvious, the room is for users to cool off the heat from the treatment rooms. It has a variety of magazines, a great area to sit (perfect for girlfriends to catch up), wash up your face to refresh and have a drink. Once you're cooled off, you can go back into the bedrock spa room to enjoy your treatment.

The idea is that you lay down on the bedrock for 15-20min intervals then go for a 2-3min. cool down period between each interval.

Green Tea are available for you as well!

Inside the Traditional Treatment Room
I'm all changed up into their outfit!
Pink Ribbon headband is my own :)

Black Silica Stone Beds

Key Benefits 
Burns Calories (700-1,500 per hour), Controls Weight
Strengthens the Immune and Cardiovascular Systems
Provides Pain Relief (i.e. from Arthritis, Fibromyalgia, sore back, etc.)
Natural Detox: Releases Harmful Metals (Cadmium, Lead and Mercury)
Higher alertness, decreased drowsiness, and more mental energy (Anti-Depressant)
Counteracts negative effects of Environmental Pollution
Reduces Stress

Black Silica Stone Beds

Their Stone Beds are heated to approximately 42° C (108° F) with the humidity at about 60%. It gives off a comfortable temperature that's enjoyable and safe. The warmth from the stone beds made me feel extremely soothing and comfortable to lie down on. Usually towels are placed on top of the stones, makes me more comfy. Laying on the Stone Beds helps our body perspire and “detoxify” (heats our body from the inside out).

I'm definitely enjoying myself. I've been having crazy work weeks and doing part time post grad studies. On top of that, I'm maintaining my internet home and balancing life.. yea I REALLY needed this!

It was actually good that I went with my bf because I got some comparative results. 
We were in there for about 45 minutes. 

Within the first 15 minutes, my bf was already sweating like crazy. He was a calm person, whereas I'm hyperactive. He was lying like a dead creature and enjoying every bit of the experience. On the other hand, I just couldnt stop moving when I'm laying down. I was moving every 5 minutes, and I didn't sweat at all. My skin was a bit moist but that was it. 

We went for our cool off interval and drank 2 cups of water. Once we went back in, I was the same.. not really sweating. I still enjoyed the sauna feeling even though I wasn't dripping wet like my bf. At this point, he was literally soaked. He kept telling me how he was desperately in love with the services here. I wonder if he's hinting something hahah.. like a gift card to Iyashi!! He tried a few different positions to target different parts of his body to get more "flat" with the Stone Bed. 

Relaxing, good moments never lasts forever. It was around the last 10 minutes in the session that I finally started sweating like a dog! My whole body finally started sweating everywhere, I think the session finally hit me! That felt nice :) Finally, we went to shower and dry off.

After that, I went to ask Norma, how come my boyfriend and I have totally different experiences. She said that it may be several reasons. First, girls tend to sweat much less and again body size plays a big difference. Usually, those who frequently visits the Spa in comparison to newcomers sweat more, meaning they are detox-ing a lot more! To speed up the sweating process, a method is to drink more water before and during the session. After all, you gotta have some water in your system to sweat some out! 

Finally, I also mentioned how I find that the Rock Bathing Treatment probably doesn't suit individuals like myself who are too active. She suggested other services Iyashi also provides such as the Hot Rock / Hot Yin Yoga (Ganban-Yoga). 

They have a 90 minute service that includes 30 minutes of Rock Bathing on their Black Silica Stone Beds, followed by a 60 minute Yin Yoga class (also held on the Stone Beds). Yin Yoga is a slow, deep practice that increases flexibility by stretching and stimulating the connective tissue of the hips and spine rather than the muscles. This is a deeply relaxing and rejuvenating form of Yoga. All the poses are sitting down or lying down and are held for 2-3 minutes at a time, which allows you to get the maximum contact with the Black Silica stone beds.  I think for me, this is probably more suited. If you are one of those people who can't stay still, you might want to try the Yin Yoga too! :)

Here is the Deluxe Suite:

There are 4 StoneBeds in the treatment room. 

The Deluxe Suite also have lockers just like the Traditional Suite. It provides a private sanctuary and talking is allowed. It's really perfect for birthday parties with girlfriends, a special date with your boyfriend and small gatherings in general. *psst: might be a great gift idea for your special someone! 

Thank you, Norma, for inviting us over to experience your unique spa! And thank you for being super accommodating, I'm truly amazed by the customer service you provided to us. There's really nothing more I can ask for.