MAC Warehouse Sale Weekend March 2012

The tickets my *MAC Tickets Goddess* supplied me this time around! 

After all the MAC warehouse sales I've been to, I guess I've lost a lot of excitement over the years due to the price hike and crappy charity bags. However, as a beauty obsessed freak, I still make the mission of going regardless. Usually I only go 1 of 3 of the days, but I was a lifeless creature this time around and went all 3 days.  I absolutely don't regret a single bit though and you will see what I mean!!!


On Friday, I was stuck at work so I sent my loyal BF to brave the war. He finished the sale at around 12:30pm and hauled a bit for me as well. I didn't have much a wish list so the major focus was just the charity bags and free gift at the end. He tweeted me the pictures and I WAS LITERALLY IN SHOCK. They were the holiday collection lip glosses and pigments! I knew, that right after work, I HAD to drop by!

My Friday Haul

2 x Bobbi Brown Cleansing Oil 400ml $25 each 
I'm in love with cleansing oils. Reviewed Here. Reserved one for Maddy in case she wants to buy it off me. :)

1 x Bobbi Brown Hydrating Rich Cream Cleanser $18 each
The texture looked like cleansing milk, anyway I wanted a mild cleanser in the morning and I love Bobbi Brown skincare so got this to try!

4 x Bobbi Brown Creamy Concealer Kit $12 each
I got these in two different shades, I can't really tell from the horrible lighting inside.. anyway, its just such a good deal. I was thinking if the shade doesn't work for me, I'll either blog sale it or pass it to my sister. 

2 x Good Skin Lab Filextra Facial Revolumnizing Treatment $25 for both
Ever since I reviewed their Wrinkle product here, I think I almost collected their entire line. Since their rep told me their don't retail it in Canada, this is probably the only place they sell it. Ladies, if you like their stuff, stock up here. I saw their items in HK and it's quite expensive. 

 1 x OJon Rub Out Dry Cleanser $18 each
I've always wanted to try out dry shampoos. Heard so many different things like how it helps scalp not get to damaged from washing hair too frequently but how it clogs scalp? Anyway, time to test it out!

1 x Origins Brighter By Nature™ High-potency brightening peel with fruit acids 20 pads $18 each
This was actually a mistake purchase because my BF thought this was a serum (similar packaging). In my opinion, this was definitely overpriced. Anyway, going to try it out on my dark spots on my face (nose and chin areas)

6 x MAC Eyeshadow Pans $4 each
The $4 bin section! I always missed out the eyeshadow pans in the past but not this time! Woohoo!!

2 x MAC Naked Honey Skin Salve $15 for both
Rica told me they are like HG amazing so I thought why not, I have super dry skin so yup! :)

1 x MAC Cleansing Oil $4 each
I only bought this because my mom took my baby size bottles for her trip. haha I love these sizes! 

Friday Charity Bag at 12:30PM

When my BF tweeted this for me, I went nuts. And so did fellow beauty bloggers! 
We were shocked and surprised the charity bags were this good this time around! 

Friday Charity Bag at 6:30PM

By the time I got to the sale after work, the collection items were gone, but I think I was still pretty lucky to get some of these palettes! :)


Today, I went with fellow beauty bloggers and friends who are equally obsessed with beauty with me. 
Emily, Rica and I decided to get there at around 10:30 AM. We decided we'll just go later thinking the good charity bags are probably gone and there isn't much on our wish list that we're dying for. 

Apparently, I guess the rest of the Toronto beauty obsessed aren't feeling the same because the line up looked pretty bad! I got a small headache from the wind. The worse was the fact that we had these Chinese people who kept speaking really loud and pushing us the entire time. It's totally these people who make us look so bad. The line generally moved quickly and we're inside soon after.

They had more signs than before.

Saturday Haul:
1 x MAC Glitter transparent reflects pink $12 each
1 x MAC Lipgloss I ♥ U $10 each

(sorry, I forgot to take a picture!!)

Saturday Charity Bags

It was 2 lipgloss set + 2 pigments sets
I had a few friends selling some of their bags to me so here's my pretty picture of them!

This time around they had new products like the Bumble and Bumble Hair Care products.


Sunday Haul

I finally got around to working out the math for these make up removers. These small bottle ones priced at $4 each is a better deal than the regular size. So I stocked up :) 

It was actually pretty fun to go to the sale with my BF. We've never done that together. He finally witnessed my excitement of swatching everything on my hand and like checking prices right away etc. It was kinda funny. It was also nice that we woke up early and everything, we went for breakfast after :) It's nice :) 

Sunday Charity Bags

They had the nail polishes for sunday! Super AWESOME! 
I heard by afternoon, they were already gone though. 

Through out the entire sale, the free gift was eyelashes. 
Both aren't my favourite but it's okay. Better than nothing :) 

Dear friends, unfortunately, I won't be swapping with anyone. I already made some promises to my fellow beauty bloggers. 
Most of my bags, I have to sell them for the price I bought them, to my supplier's supplier's lady (double connection). She brings them back home to give to her friends and relatives. It's the least that I can do for them since they're so generous to provide me with tickets every time. 

Did you go to the MAC warehouse sale and what did you get?!?!?