essence Canada Launch Event

The brand will be exclusively sold at Shoppers Drug Mart and Pharmaprix!

I've been hearing about the brand from beauty bloggers and youtube gurus all over the world, I'm super excited that I can finally get their items in Toronto! They are known for their quality, on-trend products at affordable prices (nothing is over $4.99CAD)!!!

Last Thursday, essence and Faulhaber PR invited me to attend their launch party at HOTEL OCHO (195 Spadina Ave.) It's my first time here and it looks very posh and chic.

If you arrive early enough, you can get make-up and nail applications from expert Make-Up Artists & Tips Nail Bar Technicians. I hear from my fellow beauty blogger friends that it literally took forever to line up for it. I didn't even bother just because I do my own gel nails but I did take a glimpse of their work, it's fab! :)

Lots of people! 
I got to meet the General Manager of essence, Howard, who flew in from New York to attend. He said that he's amazed at the attendance compared to NY. 
ps, he's a great supporter of bloggers! *props to him*

Like, OMG!! This is just too playful to pass! I definitely had a paparazzi moment with the event photographers! They are simply such amazing people!

This is the exact display you will be seeing at Shopper Drug Mart. During my conversation with Howard, he describes this as the candy stop for us beauty-addicts! And I sure cannot agree more, look at colors and how many products are packed here!

To my surprise, Howard continues saying that this is only a fraction of their regular product lines compared to complete line available in Europe. They only brought over the best-selling and popular products over for Canada's launch. I think I was drooling at this point.....

What's an event without some food? They had lots of food, probably the most I've eaten at any event I've been to! I probably would've taken more pictures of food if I was a food blogger hahah!

Make up on food plates! Gotta love that!

Being obsessed with beauty and cosmetics, one of the best thing about the brand is their Limited Editions! Each collection has creative packaging and items! essence will be releasing 6 new and unique limited editions in Canada every year! *GASP*!!! Here are some of the Limited Editions I managed to take pictures of. Some of them were emptied out before I got to take a picture! *sigh*

*sorry* Damn people so quick at taking all the products! 
You can take a look at the full display here on Meredith's blog!

Limited Edition: Blossoms Etc...

Some photos of my fellow Toronto Beauty Bloggers! I believe the event photographers have majority of our group pictures! I'll be updating once I get my hands on them :)

Rica and Ande

Rica Me and Meredith!

Jenn and I

Meredith was telling me to pose classy with her. Epic Fail. hahah! 
By the way, we're matching again! We're both in polka dots!

The goodie bag we got to take home! 
Lots of reviews to come! I just cant wait to swatch and test out everything!!

Alright, a Just For Laughs pic! At the event, we were allowed to take a few products home from the displays. And this lady (I don't know who she is) literally stuffed her bag! It was hilarious! hahha!