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On March 6th, Emily passed her invites to myself, Rica and Michele+Anthony
to join her to Discover Kultura and experience a memorable evening!

When we got there, the first thing was go around their entire restaurant!
I alway enjoy checking out interior designs of any restaurants!
The atmosphere is so important, well, besides the food!

Kultura's first level is a Resto-Lounge, equipt with a 20 ft. bar and its own DJ. 35 people sitting/90 people standing.
The second floor (see above photos) features the Twin Fire Place Room and the Grand Room. Both rooms seat 45 or 100 standing.
Kultura's Priviate Dining Room on the third floor is intimate yet stunning. (See photos below) It has housed many film festival parties, birthday parties and high level corportate dinners. The room can comfortably seat 35 and provie standing room for 80 people. It has its own bar and 3 private washrooms.

Kultura was previously the Wagner Rosenbaum Gallery. Their menu is diverse with Global offerings that include anything from Italian to Asian-fusion dishes, seafood, Steaks, desserts and more.
Beautiful to behold, Kultura Restaurant bills itself as a spot for "social dining" with tapas/small plates of exceptional food that take diners on an endlessly inventive and inspired world tour.
We got to meet with Chef Bernadette Calpito (pictured above in the middle) and she was such a well spoken lady. We found out that she actually has many Asian backgrounds thus bringing that into making creative dishes. She explained how a portion of the menu changes every 3 months mostly due to the availabitiy of seasonal foods, example bak choy and guilian! She's amazing, gosh, I wish I can learn food-making tips from her. I think my bf would really appreciate that. (I can't even make instant noodles)
You can really tell I've been stuffing my face, my lipgloss is totally gone lol :(
Myself and Emily (Photo credits: Emily)
I came right after work, so I definitely don't look as fashion savvy as her!

Alright, time to make you jealous!

Chai Black Cod - golden daikon, ginger bok choy, squid ink tapenade, chai tea glaze $25
Pork Belly Tacos - taro root, pineapple cilantro slaw, pickled red onion $16

Palak Paneer Naan - truffle oil, jalapeno, peppered honey $9
Hamachi Tataki - sesame ginger crust, white soy sauce, spicy wakame salad $15
Asian Beef Tartar - spring roll shell, thai chili, spring onion, dijon aioli, ponzu dressing $14
Mediterranean Chicken Samosa - asiago, sage, spiced apple gari chutney $11
Tandoor Shimp – spiced tomato chutney, mustard green quinoa, pompadom cone $18
Spiced Lamb Rack - sesame dust, smoked dashi, tempura jalapeno $24
Tempura Sushi - gravlax salmon, wasabi aioli, tobiko, escavinche, avocado, spicy mayo $18
Hawaiian Garlic Lobster - sweet paprika, thai chilli, aged cheddar
At the event, we also got to meet the co-owner, Frank Nyilas, who was very down to earth. He was so cool about having us and explain to us more about the restaurant. Since I love food and the idea of tapas, I asked about their catering and corporate event services. Kultura actually only began with this service last month and it's an expansion to their regular services. I know many of my friends do corporate events and are starting to do their wedding planning, I'm definitely going to recommend this to them! At one point, Frank was about to invite us in to take a look in their kitchen, but since it was a hectic night, we didn't get to. He did say maybe net time though! The owner is a great host and really gave me the impression that if I were to hold any events or parties at this restaurant, they will probably provide me with the same friendly and flexible service that would cater to my needs.
ps, My favourites on the menu:
Asian Beef Tartar - spring roll shell, thai chili, spring onion, dijon aioli, ponzu dressing $14
Hamachi Tataki - sesame ginger crust, white soy sauce, spicy wakame salad $15

Address: 169 King Street East., Toronto
Tel: 416.363.9000. 
"The finest Global Fusion Tapas Toronto has to offer.
A Restaurant like no other."