NBA Game and Aria Dinner Date

Took some outfit pictures at Harbour Front.
It was freezing but he got me flowers so I wanted to take pictures hehe :)
I know these pictures are quite blue, but my boyfriend picked me up after work so by then it was already evening time. Yea, it's gloomy and cold most evenings in Toronto. =(

Honestly, as much as I say, flowers are such a waste of money....
I still love receiving them :) :) :)

If you're wondering what occasion this is for.. um, I don't know either. It's always nice to get dates once in a while even when you're in long term relationships. hehe :) 

So off we parked our car and went to aria ristorante for dinner!

Originally I think my boyfriend planned to bring me to Vertical for dinner, but I don't know why but his plans changed and he brought me to aria. He even told me to curl my hair for Vertical because he thinks my curled hair is more fancy pansy haha. Anyway, aria turned out to be a lot nicer than I thought. Their service is also really nice. I noticed they are participating in Winterlicious, so I guess I won't mind coming here for lunch :) Check out their pictures here!

25 York Street  Toronto, ON M5J 2V5 (416) 363-2742

My soup which I forgot what this was called.

My main dish, it was supposed to be hand made spaghetti, pasta in general. Pretty cool :)
 I thought the serving will be larger, but it turned out to be a snack for me. 
I was starving within a few hours! :( 

By the time we're done dinner, it's already really dark. 
The restaurant was super close to the Air Canada Center, so just steps away from the NBA game location =)
It was SUPER cold that night so I'm glad I didn't have to walk far :)

Our Toronto Raptors mascot in chubby mode! So CUTE!!

Just in case you were wondering which game I watched, it was Toronto Raptors vs. Indiana Pacers on January 13, 2012!
It seems to be a close game, so it's really exciting for me since it's my first time watching a basketball game live =))

So much fun!! I hope to go again :) :)
By the way, check out my new Gucci purse :) It's a Joy Bostom from the Spring 2012 collection.
 I went to a Holt Renfrew Friends and Family day back in December and it's one of the purse I got.
Haul post soon! :)