Jacket Dilemma! Help!

I noticed that I'm almost always on a hunt for a winter jacket but even more now with the full time job. My commute to my workplace consists of a 10-15 minute walk on top of my train travel. I currently have wool jackets from Zara and Gap but I want a down jacket thats professional looking. I also have several bubbly waist length down jackets and a ski jacket but it just looks clumsy.

I did some research so I wanted some of your opinions and maybe some insights on what's good to get! :)

Prices from least expensive to pricy. By the way, I noticed some of these are Canadian brands too!

ZARA Quilted Three Quarter Length Ottoman Jacket 

ZARA Quilted Anorak, Stand-Up Collar

ZARA Anorak with Wraparound Collar


TNA Verbier Knee-Length Parka In Hemp

TNA Verbier Knee-Length Parka

TNA Aspen Knee-Length Parka in Hemp

I think I'm really loving the hemp material, I saw them on a few girls and they look stunning!

Canada Goose

Canada Goose Trillium Parka in Pink $595

I've been having trouble to track this jacket down in Canada in this color :(
Yea I know Pink is not exactly professional but I just want a PINK JACKET!!!

I found this jacket at StyleXchange.
I love how it brings out women's body curves instead of looking like a shapeless straight tube.

Found the jacket on ssense.com but I'm not sure if they carry it in Red.

Moose Knuckles

Moose Knuckles Stirling Parka

I found them at StyleXchange for roughly around the same price and about a 15% off during a sale. The color range is not as wide as Canada Goose though. 

Now please comment! I seriously need some advice and probably maybe where I can find affordable jackets? To be honest, I'm leaning close to Canada Goose and TNA. What about you???