HAUL: Jeffrey Campbell Shoes and Solestruck.com

Hi Everyone! 
This is a haul from the black friday sale, yeah I'm so behind with my posts lately! 
It was my first time buying from solestruck.com, so I wanted to share my experience and my thoughts on  Jeffrey Campbell shoes :)

Jeffrey Campbell Benched in Beige Black

Jeffrey Campbell Benched in Beige Black

I have this thing with the whole oxford feel to shoes. Don't know why, anyway this is a pair that I've been eyeing for a while because I'm loving the empty gap! I got these shoes on 1st day of the sale so they were 30% off the retail price of $169.95 = $118.97 with free shipping to Canada. I love free shipping!! These arrived roughly about 10 days (including weekend). 

Jeffrey Campbell Tick Wash in Pink Suede

Jeffrey Campbell Tick Wash in Pink Suede

These are my second pair I got on the Last day of the sale where they have 50% off sale items. So these were retailed for $174.95, then sale price of $149.95, with an additional 50% off so I paid $74.79 + free shipping.
I think I scored a deal hehe!!

All the prices were USD, so when I checked my bill which was in Canadian Dollars, it was about $10-20 more than the above prices because of the exchange rates. However, thankfully, I didn't incur any duty taxes when these came through the borders! My friend, Krista (recall she did my new watermark in these photos), she got taxed with duty and solestruck.com actually reimbursed it for her! 

I really wonder who else purchased shoes during that weekend because myself and Krista were all over their facebook page leaving comments everywhere and emailing them. It was chaotic! HAHAH personally, fun at the same time!! ps, some of us stayed up til 4:20AM because of all the time zone differences. 

Overall, I'm very very impressed with Solestruck.com and their customer service. Everything was nicely and timely delivered!

My Review on the Shoes 

I read the reviews on the solestruck website before I purchase each pair to find out what people thought of the sizes and the comfort of the shoes.

I'm extremely upset with Jeffrey Campbell's sizing for each pair. Up to date, I bought 3 pairs of JCs and all in different sizes and they all fit differently! :(

My feet are measured at 24.5cm.

Benched Size 8
About 0.5 size bigger than my feet. I'm thinking thank goodness I bought them bigger!

Tick Wash Size 7.5
About 1.5 size bigger than my feet. I'm very disappointed with these. I still haven't worn them yet. Don't know what to do with them at all! :(

Lita Size 7 (bought them back in Hong Kong's IT)
About 1 size too small for my feet. It felt good when I tried them on, and it just kept hurting and hurting as the hours goes. I hardly wear these.

This is probably one of my MAJOR reasons why I'm going to stop purchasing JC for a LONG while until they come out with something I absolutely cannot live without. 

I love the design, but the arch doesn't fit me like a charm. Also the heel part eats into my ankle. I get stopped by so many people in these shoes. However, don't wear these for more than 6 hours, my best advise for you! hahaha

Again disappointed that the sole of the shoe is just rubber, and cheap rubber too. These are extremely slippery. Just watch out. The wood isn't carved too precisely, so there were noticeable cracks :(

I can't really complain too much about the tick wash other than the fact that I thought the heel was silver but it was painted white. The heel also eats into my ankle which is a bit annoying. I didn't wear these yet because it's too big on me. If you are interested in purchasing these off me, send me an email :)

If you are a Jeffrey Campbell shoe owner, bought from solestruck.com before or was looking forward to buy a pair of JCs, I wanna hear your comments! Leave them all below! =)