Dolce & Gabbana Hong Kong Store Surrounded By Protestors

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Canton Road in Tsim Sha Tsui of Hong Kong is known to be one of most loved fashion destinations for Chinese Vistors of Mainland China. If you read my previous blog here, I mentioned how on the weekends, there would be line ups just to go into the stores Louis Vutton, Dior, Chanel and more.

This is probably the funniest fashion news I've heard in a while and I guess it gets to me because it touches home - Hong Kong. The story all started when a local newspaper published a report and video where Hong Kong citizens were banned from taking pictures of window displays, even if the photos were taken from the public street. The "ban" was to protect its intellectual property even though the pictures were taken from the public street while it only applies to local Hong Kong citizens and now foreign tourists and mainland Chinese tourists.

Why the company’s security drew the line between local Hong Kongers and mainland tourists is not exactly clear, but some have speculated it has less to do with copyright infringement and more to with placating high-rollers from China.

I'm going to try to minimize the writing part of this blog post because I seriously find that the video footages are way more interesting.

The video below shows how the security guards telling journalists to stop snapping pictures from the sidewalk.

Jan 7, 2012

In this video shows how the Facebook event page reached 10000+ people over just 1 day. Many people already started to come by Canton Road to take photos regardless and at one point reached over 100 people. People from all types of events came to use D&G's window display for backgrounds, including weddings couples, even university grads! The mall security and owners already came out to apologize but D&G still doesn't apologize.

Jan 8, 2012

The video above shows the rally which organized on Facebook. Protestors are saying "Open the doors", "Apologize", "Shame on you" and other phrases about D&G being bullies banning photo/video-taking in Hong Kong to Hong Kong Citizens. Originally that morning, D&G still had their doors opened for business. As thousands of people showed up on Canton Road, they had to close their doors for safety purposes. People around the world are all focusing on this event, including France, England, Australia and many other countries in the world. At night, D&G released a press notice stating that they weren't aware of the staff who started this controversial topic and did not mean to piss off the HK citizens. Basically, a short, unsigned statement - without an apology - saying: "We wish to underline that our company has not taken part in any action aiming at offending the Hong Kong public."

This one at the beginning shows how at one point, D&G didn't allow HK citizens to tak pictures while allowing Mainland Chinese visitors to take photos. It's commonly known that most luxury brands transactions were made by these visitors. Thus, pissing people off in a way of discriminating HK citizens.

The video footages are all from Apple Daily, so I just translated some just so you have a clue what it's saying. I always think that getting news from a single source might be biased, so I linked some of the other news sources below for you :)

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